Japan: Caught a rare “youkai” of a wide-mouthed shark


This is the 13th time Japan has caught this widemouth shark nicknamed the alien fish.

On May 6, more than 1,500 curious people in Shizuoka city, Japan had the opportunity to witness a wide-mouthed shark first-hand after staff members of the Museum of Marine Science directly dissected it. this “youkai” for research work.
Cận cảnh loài cá mập miệng rộng nhất đại dương - HỘI KỶ LỤC GIA VIỆT NAM - TỔ CHỨC KỶ LỤC VIỆT NAM(VIETKINGS)
The widemouth shark is 4m long and weighs about 680kg.
With a strange appearance and wide mouth, the wide-mouthed shark makes people immediately think of a mutant or alien animal.
The public dissection was held in the area of ​​the Maritime Science Museum.
It is known that this wide-mouthed “monster” was caught from the 800m deep sea area. It is a female shark about 4m long and weighs nearly 680kg.
Strangely shaped head.
Widemouth sharks mainly live in deep water and only come to the surface at night to feed. Because of that feature, humans have little chance to see them. This is only the 58th recorded largemouth shark. Therefore, the information about this fish is still a mystery to science.
Cận cảnh loài cá mập miệng rộng nhất đại dương
The first recorded widemouth shark was caught off the coast of Hawaii.

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