Peacock – Aristocratic beauty famous for all time


Talking about aristocratic birds, the Peacock is definitely not to be missed – let’s admire the irresistible beauty of this rare bird with Paradise.

The peacock , also known as the peacock, the peacock (scientific name: Pavo muticus) is a species of bird belonging to the pheasant family, first described by Linnaeus in 1766. The peacock lives in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia and southern central China. Country. The peacock was once widely distributed in Southeast Asia from eastern and northeastern India, northern Myanmar and southern China, extending through Laos, Thailand into Vietnam.

With its beautiful plumage, this bird quickly attracts others at first sight. Besides, the peacock is considered a precious bird with a good meaning in terms of feng shui, so since ancient times, kings often kept peacocks to enjoy and pray for luck and fortune. We invite you to come with Bird Paradise to see the perfect beauty of this bird!

When the bird is an adult (the male), the body length can reach 2.1m. In which the tail can be up to 1.5m (at the age of 3-5 years). Weight can reach from 8-12 kg/head. As for the female, the weight and body length are smaller, the feather color is not as colorful and beautiful as the male.


The peacock is an omnivore, the main food is rice, corn, green vegetables combined with synthetic bran used for poultry.

Mutant Peacock with tall legs, long body, blooming breast and long crest is valuable and precious.

In the early stages of the reproductive cycle, male peacocks often show their tail dancing, showing off their brilliant plumage.

The peacock, also known as the peacock, is considered a precious bird with a good meaning in terms of feng shui. In ancient times, kings often raised peacocks to enjoy and pray for luck and fortune.

Ordinary peacocks cost about 10 million VND/head, while mutant five-color peacocks can be up to 15-20 million.

Because the peacock adapts to the natural environment, the garden is large, so it is suitable for families with economic conditions, villas, garden houses, and eco-tourism areas.


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