1001 questions: Why do wolves – jungle killers howl at night?

The howling of wolves in the night is to gather the pack.
The howling of wolves in the night is to gather the pack.
TPO – In mountain villages or livestock areas, in the dead of night, the howling of wolves is often heard. Especially in the livestock area, the cattle breeders are more and more wary, afraid of the cruel greedy wolves causing harm to their goats. Why do wolves like to howl at night?

Animals in the world all have their own living habits. Wolves are relatively large beasts, their main food is meat, they specialize in hunting rabbits, wild chickens, deer, mice, poultry, cattle…, sometimes also eating some food vegetative nature, even slaughtering their own kind. Wolves traveling in packs can sometimes even hurt people.

The wolf is a nocturnal animal. When it is just dark, the hungry wolves often go in groups to find prey, making a howl with a low sound as they walk. The howling of a wolf in the night makes the hairs on the back of one’s neck prickle, in fact it is not meant to scare people, but has a different meaning.

Animal calls are an information signal for communication between animals. In different situations, animals will often make different calls. Calls are sometimes strongly related to reproductive habits. For example, deer in the breeding period, male deer often emit a special call to find a pair.

The howling of wolves in the night is to gather the pack or through howling to call each other, like the mother wolf howling to call the cubs, the male wolf howling to call the female wolf, after gathering into a new pack. beyond foraging. During the breeding period, wolves also often howl to find a pair. During the rearing period, in addition to the mother wolf howling, when hungry wolf cubs will also raise a high-pitched howl asking for food.

Why can’t humans tame wolves?

Dogs and wolves have very similar genomes, which makes it difficult for biologists to understand why wolves remain so wild, while dogs may be more willing to be “the best friend of a dog”. human”.

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Research by evolutionary biologist Kathryn Lord at the University of Massachusetts Amherst shows that different behaviors between dogs and wolves are related to these animals’ earliest sensory experiences and critical periods of socialization. socialization.

By studying the reactions of 7 pups and 43 puppies, Lord confirmed that both dogs and wolves develop their sense of smell by 2 weeks of age, hearing by 4 weeks of age, and vision by an average of about 6 weeks old.

However, these two subspecies fall into important stages of socialization at different ages. Dogs start at 4 weeks, while wolves start at 2 weeks old. So the way each subspecies experiences the world during those crucial months is vastly different, and seems to lead to different developmental paths, she said.

Lord announced that the cubs still hadn’t opened their eyes and couldn’t hear when they started walking and exploring their surroundings at two weeks of age.

She added: “When wolf cubs first hear, they are initially frightened of sounds, and when they first see they are also afraid of new visual stimuli. As each sense is involved in the cognitive process. , wolf pups all go through a new round of sensory shocks that puppies don’t.” Meanwhile, puppies only begin to explore and walk after all three senses are hearing and smell. and vision worked.


The significant developmental differences in experience between puppies and wolf pups have produced a marked difference in their relationships with society, especially with humans. This new information will help manage wild and captive wolf populations, Lord said.

Why is the wolf called “the jungle killer”?

Any one of us, when entering the forest, the scariest thing is not tigers or lions, but wolves.

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The reason is because wolves work in groups, they have a very sensitive sense of smell and the ability to organize hunting is very flexible, plus a cruel and cunning nature, so the prey when faced with them will have extremely low chance of survival.

The most special thing is that they exist in a wider range and are more numerous than other carnivores such as tigers, leopards, lions … a lot, so the possibility of us encountering them is also higher.

It is for these reasons that, although they do not have unparalleled strength, wolves are the true killers of the jungle, carnivores that have existed for thousands of years and never worried about problems. topic of extinction.

So how did wolves survive and stay so strong?

Rule #1: The wolf has no face, if it encounters an animal stronger than it, it will retreat.
Even if the whole pack of wolves faces only a few lions, the wolves will call each other to retreat, because they know that victory at a heavy cost is the same as a defeat.

Rule #2: Team spirit is number one.
If wolves are forced to face stronger opponents, the pack will attack together, and after the battle the pack will never leave them alone. that injured.

Rule #3: Always strategize to achieve the end result, so that the cost is minimal

Although the wolf is considered a “green forest killer”, it not only uses its teeth and claws, but it always knows how to use its head in everything, things that do not necessarily require effort, it will find other ways. to do.
That’s why people always say wolves are “evil”, because in hunting, if it finds a way with the least amount of effort, it will do it.

Rule #4: Always be cold and cruel to enemies
The wolf is a carnivore, so like it or not, it can’t have a “conscience” when hunting, and when meeting an enemy, if you forgive him. They mean self-destruction. Therefore, wolves are always compared with cruelty and callousness.

Timber or Grey Wolf, Canis lupus, Minnesota, USA, controlled situation, on kill showing aggresive behaviour, growling, snarling, baring teeth, in snow, feeding, eating, predation

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