Taylor Swift: From country princess to contemporary music monument

Taylor Swift: From country princess to contemporary music monument

Who is Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is known to the public as an American singer, songwriter and actress. With her debut song  Tim McGraw , she quickly dominated the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, opening the door for later success.

Beyond expectations, hit songs like  “Teardrops On My Guitar”, “You Belong With Me”, “Love Story”, “Fearless”  or  “Shake It Off”  have gradually attracted the public’s attention and created their own unique character in the style. Taylor Swift’s musical way.

After nearly two decades of working in the Chinese art scene, she has brought home eleven Grammy Awards and countless other prestigious awards. In addition, Taylor Swift is also named in Billboard’s Best Artist of All Time chart voted in 2019.

The natural talent of a top star from his childhood days

Taylor Swift or Taylor Alison Swift was born in 1989 in Pennsylvania, USA. Although her parents were not active in the arts, Taylor inherited the talent from her grandmother, Marjorie Finlay, and the qualities of a top star.

Singer Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift or Taylor Alison Swift was born in 1989 in Pennsylvania

Although her grandmother was a professional Opera artist, Taylor devoted much of her interest to pursuing country music. The singer shared, her music is greatly influenced by famous names of this music genre such as Shania Twain, Dolly Parton or Patsy Cline.

Right from the fourth grade, she won the first time in her life at the national poetry competition. By the age of ten, Taylor began participating in singing competitions at festivals and fairs and tried her hand at composing music.

At the age of eleven, Taylor Swift and her mother went to the capital city of Nashville with the desire to realize her musical dream. Despite leaving records at every record label in the city, she still did not receive any contracts.

“Everybody there has the same goal as me. So I asked myself, do I need to come up with a different direction.” – Taylor Swift

Taylor was forced to return home and thought she would never be able to reach her musical dreams. However, the opportunity opened up for Taylor when returning to Pennsylvania, she received an invitation to be the opening singer at the American tennis tournament. From here, the female singer began to receive more attention after performing the national anthem in this tournament.

A year later, Taylor realized that singing alone was not enough to become a successful artist. She began to learn to play the piano and compose music. Taylor regularly visits Nashville and learns from veteran musicians like Troy Verges, Brett Beavers, Brett James, Mac McAnally or The Warren Brothers.

Taylor started learning to play the piano and compose music
Taylor started learning to play and compose music to pursue a musical career

During this time, Taylor was taught by a computer engineer how to play three chords of the guitar, this is also the harmony ring that helped her compose the song Lucky You later. Since then, Taylor’s outstanding musical talent began to manifest strongly.

In order for Taylor Swift to focus on her singing career, her family moved to a suburb of Nashville when she was fourteen. This year, Taylor became the youngest official musician of the publisher Sony/ATV Tree.

At the age of fifteen, Big Machine Records owner Scott Borchetta signed with Taylor Swift. She became one of the label’s first artists and released her debut album, Taylor Swift.

Taylor becomes the youngest official musician of Sony/ATV Tree publisher
Taylor has become the youngest official musician of publisher Sony/ATV Tree

With the talent inherited from her in addition to the qualities of a top artist, from a rejected talent, the singer has made constant efforts to gradually gain the support of the public.

The first products in Taylor Swift’s musical career

Taylor Swift owns a massive music career with countless successes from excellent products. From the first album, the female singer has confirmed her talent through hit singles and remarkable achievements on most of the prestigious charts.

From Taylor Swift’s bold Country accents to Red’s transformation in musical style, the way she writes songs remains the same. Each song is a story told by Taylor Swift in low notes.

A brilliant start with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s self-titled debut studio album was released in 2006 by Big Machine Records. The singer wrote the lyrics for most of the songs with support from songwriter Liz Rose.

Album Taylor Swift của Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift’s self-titled debut studio album was released in 2006 by Big Machine Records

The album is inspired by the country music genre, written about the stories of Taylor Swift herself in high school. In the midst of the storm of Pop, Rock and Rap at that time, country music was really a “strange” music for the audience.

In particular, the song “Tim McGraw” is the first single from the Taylor Swift album, released in 2006. Tim McGraw talks about a love story that suddenly stopped for no reason. The song is about Taylor’s memories of her ex-boyfriend, not singer Tim McGraw.

Taylor Swift – Tim McGraw

Immediately upon release, Tim McGraw immediately appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 and Country Song charts. The song suddenly won big and Taylor became an American musical phenomenon at that time.

Despite being a new name, Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift were both praised by critics. Rob Sheffield of Blender magazine thinks the song is a gem, good enough to recall the best country singles and stand the test of time.

After the success of Tim McGraw, the album’s third single called Teardrops On My Guitar continues to be the best-selling song of 2006. Featuring a distinctive Country Pop tune, the song really conveys the story behind. songs.

Taylor Swift – Teardrops On My Guitar

Teardrops On My Guitar is the story of a girl who is secretly in love with a guy who is perfect for her. However, he was also the one who made her sad because he had another girl without knowing her feelings.

The song rose to number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100, and was Swift’s debut song on the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End. The single was also certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

After Teardrops On My Guitar, the song  Our Song  was released in 2007, a Country song featuring a classic fiddle solo in the ensemble.

The song is the story of a dating couple who are writing a song for their love with memories such as sneaking out late, talking on the phone or laughing and humming familiar tunes together.

Taylor Swift – Our Song

Our Song  is Taylor Swift’s first single to reach number one on the Billboard charts. With this achievement, the song made her the youngest person to write and sing a song to dominate the Hot Country Songs chart. The success of  Our Song  has made Taylor a star in the country music genre, which is dominated by male musicians.

With remarkable achievements, Taylor Swift’s debut product was certified platinum by the RIAA. The album also ranked at number one for eight consecutive weeks at the top of the Country albums list, making Taylor one of the country’s top-selling country artists.

In November 2007, the Nashville International Musicians Association awarded her Songwriter-Singer of the Year, the youngest person to be awarded this award. Furthermore, Taylor also became the most searched singer on MySpace and was nominated for a Grammy in 2008.

Fearless and the golden mark in his career

In November 2008, the second studio album Fearless was released. As soon as it was released, the product quickly topped Billboard’s Hot 200 Albums chart and became the longest-serving number one since 2000.

Album Fearless của Taylor Swift
Fearless is inspired by the romance and suffering and aspirations of the female singer when she was a teenager

Like Taylor Swift, Fearless has a distinctive Country Pop sound. The album is inspired by the romance, heartbreak and aspirations of the female singer as a teenager. The songs on the album all reflect Taylor’s “fearless” attitude when taking on challenges in love and life.

The album’s title track Fearless belongs to the Country Pop genre mixed with a bit of vibrant Pop Rock. The song was written by Taylor Swift with Liz Rose and Hillary Lindsey in collaboration with the talented arranger, Nathan Chapman.

Taylor Swift – Fearless

The singer was inspired to compose Fearless based on the perfect date she dreamed of. The song recounts Taylor Swift’s ideal first date with the fearlessness of starting a love affair.

“Mothers and daughters, as well as teen groups and night out couples, can sing this song [Fearless] with equal passion.” – Jim Harrington, The San Jose Mercury News

In November 2008, Fearless peaked at number nine on  the Billboard  Hot 100 with over 162,000 downloads and became the third song in a row to break into the top 10 of the chart. The single was certified gold by the RIAA with sales of more than five hundred thousand copies.

Following the success of  Fearless,  the album’s third single, titled  Love Story , was released in September 2008. The Country Pop song was written by Taylor and produced by Nathan Chapman.

“I feel like they made that promise and they were so passionate about each other. And if it turned out a little differently, it could be the best love story ever told. And it really is one of the best love stories, but unfortunately it’s a tragedy.” – Taylor Swift

The song is a relived fairy tale of a couple when their love is ruined by opposition from their family, just like Romeo and Juliet. In the end, with the ring, the proposal as promised to overcome the prohibition together, love prevailed and the couple lived happily ever after.

Love Story  quickly rose to number four on the Billboard Hot 100. The single was certified eight times platinum by RRIA for sales of more than five million copies in 2011.

Taylor Swift – Love Story

In addition to the public’s reception, the song also received many positive reviews from famous experts and critics from magazines such as Paste, Billbroad, The Guardian or The Boston Globe.

“Love Story is a beautiful pop song because it really tells a love story that can warm the heart and draw the listener into a fairy tale world full of fun and romance.” Fraser McAlpine, BBC

Not only  Love StoryYou Belong With Me  is also the song on the album that brought Taylor Swift many crowns on the Billboard chart and the 2009 MTV Best Video award.

You Belong With Me  is the confession of a girl who is secretly in love with a guy and always wants him to realize that the person who loves him the most is her. However, he falls in love with a cocky girl. The girl was always by his side, making him laugh when he was sad and waiting for him to realize they were made for each other.

The song became Taylor Swift’s first single to enter the Radio Songs chart with 117 million impressions by audiences across all formats. You Belong With Me  became the first country song to dominate the chart for two consecutive weeks since 1990.

Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me

At the 52nd Grammy Awards,  You Belong With Me  received nominations for three awards. The song received a nomination for Song of the Year but lost to Beyoncé’s Single Ladies.

With hit singles, F earless  sold nearly six hundred thousand copies in its first week alone and became the best-selling album of 2008. The album was certified diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America ( RIAA). With twelve million copies sold worldwide, F earless  is one of the best-selling albums of the 21st century.

Claim your name and position with Speak Now

Speak Now is the third studio album by singer Taylor Swift. The product was released in October 2010 by Big Machine Records. Composed entirely by Taylor, the album consists of fourteen tracks. Each song of Speak Now is a confession of the female singer to a different person.

“I actually wrote all the songs for this album. Even though I didn’t mean to do that, it just happened naturally. I get my best ideas at three o’clock in the morning in Arkansas when I don’t have a co-writer around and I alone can get it done.” – Taylor Swift

With a Rock sound, Speak Now’s music is a combination of Country with Pop Rock and Power Pop styles and other elements such as Bluegrass, Pop Punk or Soft Rock. The songs on the album revolve around Swift’s romantic stories of love, heartbreak, and forgiveness.

Album Speak Now của Taylor Swift
Speak Now is a combination of Country with Pop Rock style and elements like Bluegrass or Soft Rock

Opening the album is the first single Mine, released in August 2010. The song has a Country Pop sound with a harmonious combination with Power Pop.

Taylor Swift wrote Mine after thinking about one of her exes when she was always on the run from her own love. The song talks about the ups and downs of a young love.

Taylor Swift – Mine

Mine became one of the top ten hits in Australia, Canada and Japan. The single has been certified Double Platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA).

In the United States, the song peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100, making Swift the second female artist, after Mariah Carey, to have multiple top five hits in a single year.

Like Mine, Back To December continues to be a Country Pop single. The song is an apology from the female singer to her past lover in the form of a song, which she has never done before.

Taylor Swift – Back To December

As of November, Back To December has sold two million copies in the United States. The single was certified platinum twice by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

The title track of the same name, Speak Now, was released in October 2010. The single still has a Country Pop sound combined with the classic Country genre.

The song is about Taylor sabotaging her ex’s wedding to try and win him back. The opening lines admit that Swift still loves her ex-boyfriend and doesn’t want him to marry the wrong girl.

Taylor Swift – Speak Now (Live on Letterman)

Thanks to a positive response, Speak Now entered the Billboard Hot 100 at number eight with 217 thousand downloads, becoming Taylor Swift’s sixth release to enter the top 10 on the chart.

Speak Now continues to receive positive reviews from critics. Simon Vozick-Levinson of Entertainment Weekly affirms this as one of Swift’s best songs. He complimented the perfect emotional transmission, which made Simon unable to stop listening to it.

Not only receiving favor from critics, Speak Now was also performed by SNSD’s Seohyun at the Romantic Fantasy concert in 2013. In addition to Seohyun, Red Velvet’s Wendy also made a short cover of the song. sang before debuting SM Rookies.

Seohyun – Speak Now, Seohyun – Speak Now, Romantic Fantasy 20130101

Beyond the love stories, Innocent is Taylor Swift’s response to Kanye West when he interrupted her acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Instead of “slapping” the male singer like before, this time Taylor implicitly conveys the message that he has forgiven him. This act of the female singer made the public extremely surprised.

Following Fearless, Speak Now won the top spot on the Billboard 200 with sales of more than one million copies in its first week of release. The album also received a nomination for Best Country Album at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

Red and the transition in music style

After the success of the previous products, Taylor continued to release the fourth studio album titled  Red . Still bearing the familiar Country Pop sound, Red mixes new genres such as Dance Pop, Dubstep or Britrock.

Album Red
Red has the familiar Country Pop sound mixed with new genres like Dance Pop or Dubstep

Red talks about Taylor Swift’s emotions ranging from intense love and frustration to jealousy and confusion. Compared to the happy stories in the previous songs, Red is a realistic picture where the most seemingly strong relationships can still end painfully.

The title track Red of the same name was released in October 2012. The song was written by Taylor Swift herself and produced by Dann Huff, Nathan Chapman.

The single is a simple combination of Country music with Soft Rock and sounds from banjo and guitar. Red speaks of a tumultuous relationship, conflicting emotions as a spectrum of colors, including red.

Taylor Swift – Red

Not long after, the song peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100. It was Swift’s thirteenth song to break into the top 10 on the chart. Red has been certified twice platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Going beyond the familiar Country Pop framework, I Knew You Were Trouble is a new Pop Rock and Dance Pop single. The song is about a girl who blames herself for a troublesome relationship that ended because of her indifference.

The single received positive reviews from music critics. Randall Roberts of the Los Angeles Times commented that even when Dubstep was popularized by DJs like Zedd or Skrillex, the song introduced the genre to the mainstream pop audience.

Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble

I Knew You Were Trouble holds the number six spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with 416 thousand copies sold in its first week. The song also charted in the UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan and Australia.

Dubbed “the best song of Taylor’s career”, All Too Well was released in October 2012. The song is an emotional ballad that blends Country Rock and Soft Rock genres.

All Too Well writes about past memories and painful reality. It’s a beautiful country song as Swift tells the story of “dancing in the refrigerator light” with nostalgia for a beautiful love that seems to have been buried by time.

The song All Too Well also debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number seventeen on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The single was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America with sales of more than 500,000 copies.

Next, Big Machine Records released  We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together  with an upbeat Dance Pop and Pop Rock sound. The song was written and produced by Taylor Swift, Max Martin and Shellback.

The lyrics are about the girl’s determination to break up that she will never reunite with her ex. Because of many quarrels, he promised to change but did not keep his word for more than a day and this time she decided to break up and never come back.

Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

The single has helped the singer achieve global success, marking Swift’s first number one on the iTunes charts in the United States and New Zealand.

The song also quickly topped the chart on this chart after just 50 minutes of release, becoming the fastest selling single in digital history in the Guinness World Records.

The album also features singer Ed Sheeran through the song Everything Has Changed. This is a gentle ballad with a combination of Folk and Pop.

Everything Has Changed is about a girl who wants to get to know someone new better when everything in her life starts to take a different turn because of this person, someone who just appeared in your life.

In addition to love songs,  22  is a song Taylor Swift wrote for her close friends, including Selena Gomez. The song says the best of a 22-year-old girl.

Taylor Swift – 22

22 received high praise from the music critics of European and American music for its clear melodies. They praised Swift’s collaboration with Martin and Shellback and the new Pop sounds in this product.

In addition, Taylor Swift is also planning a promotional tour around the world called The Red Tour. The tour lasted from 2013 to 2014, across countries in North America, Oceania, Asia and Europe.

The Red Tour is the highest-grossing tour of all time by a country music artist, grossing about $150 million worldwide.

Taylor Swift and the journey to become a monument of contemporary music

The global success following the album Red as well as the changes in Taylor Swift’s musical style paved the way for future breakthrough products.

The transition to become a contemporary music monument
The success after Red and Taylor’s change in musical style paved the way for later products

Starting with classic Country music like Taylor Swift, Fearless or Speak Now, by 1989, Reputation or Lover are getting closer and closer to modern Pop style.

1989 and the special reception of the public

In October 2014, Taylor released her fifth album, 1989. The entire album is inspired by the popular music of the late 80s with the album title given by Taylor after her birth year.

Songs on the album were inspired by Taylor Swift’s personal relationships, which are her trademark of songwriting. 1989 expressed a cheerful attitude completely different from the previous hostile attitude of the female singer when the love story failed.

Taylor Swift's 1989 Album
Taylor released her fifth album 1989 in October 2014

The first single from this album is Shake It Off, released in August 2014. The song was composed by Taylor Swift herself with a collaboration with Max Martin and Shellback.

Shake It Off is a fun Dance Pop song combined with saxophone sound. The song was inspired by the media scrutiny Swift went through in her rise to stardom.

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

Shake It Off is about the singer’s indifference to the detractors and negative views of others about her image. The line “Shake it off” appearing 36 times in the song is the message of the whole song.

“I have dissected every part of my life. When you live your life under such scrutiny, you can either let it ruin you, or you can be really good at ignoring it. And I guess the way I chose to deal with it was to shake it off.” – Taylor Swift

Shake It Off quickly reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100. At the same time, the song was certified Diamond by the RIAA with sales of 10 million copies. With this achievement, Swift is the first female artist to have both a song and album (Fearless) certified Diamond.

With an impressive commercial record, the song has received many awards including Favorite Song title at the 2015 People’s Choice Awards and three Grammy nominations at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

Not long after the success of Shake It Off, Blank Space was released and quickly attracted the attention of the audience. With Hip Hop sound, Blank Space is an Electro Pop song about a girl’s confession to her lover about herself in love.

Taylor Swift – Blank Space

The song is like a satirical nod to Taylor herself when she is considered a flirtatious woman with a series of romantic relationships, which has tarnished the image of the once good girl of the songstress. doctor.

Blank Space has dominated the US Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks and has been certified eight times platinum by the RIAA. The song also topped the chart in Australia, Canada, Iceland, Scotland and South Africa.

The outstanding single earned three nominations at the 58th Grammy Awards. Blank Space also appeared on the decade-end lists of famous magazines such as Billboard, Rolling Stone or Slant Magazine.

Blank Space won big, Taylor Swift went on to release her next single, Wildest Dreams, in August 2015. The song was composed by Taylor Swift herself with a collaboration with Max Martin and Shellback.

Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams is a Ballad with a Dream Pop sound combined with a popular Synth Pop in the 1980s. The song is like Swift’s wish for her lover to remember her even though their relationship inevitably ends. end.

The single received a lot of support and received mixed reviews regarding the music and vocals. Some views say that Taylor has cleverly chosen a ghostly and addictive style like Lana Del Rey to refresh her album.

“There’s something hugely cheering about the way Swift turns the [Lana Del Rey-style] persona of the pathetic female appendage snivelling over her bad-boy boyfriend on its head.” – Alexis Petridis, The Guardian

In addition to the above singles, Bad Blood is also the song that brought many commercial successes for Taylor Swift. The song has a characteristic Pop sound combined with some Hip Hop and Electro Pop elements.

The content of Bad Blood refers to the betrayal of a close friend, which according to the audience’s speculation, singer Katy Perry is the character in question. The two girls used to like each other but they had a grudge because the other girl had done bad things behind her back and that became a wound that was difficult to heal.

Taylor Swift – Bad Blood

With the participation of rapper Kendrick Lamar, the song quickly topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts in six countries, including the US and became the third single since 1989 to do so.

Bad Blood earned Taylor Swift her first Grammy Award for Best Music Video and four 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. The song was also certified platinum in Australia, Canada and the United States.

With impressive singles, 1989 sold more than 1.28 million copies in the US in its first week of release and became one of the most commercially successful albums in music history from 2002 to the present time. there.

Like its predecessors, 1989 was well received by contemporary music critics. They praised Taylor Swift’s ability to transform musical styles.

“Taylor Swift is aiming for something higher, a timeless approach that very few true pop stars bother and aspire to.” Jon Caramanica, The New York Times

The success of 1989 made Taylor the first female artist to have three albums sold over a million copies in the first week alone. This is also a testament to Taylor’s right when deciding to switch from Country music to Pop music.

Reputation and gossip from the media

Reputation is the sixth studio album by Taylor Swift, released in November 2017 by Big Machine Records. The album includes fifteen songs composed by the female singer in conjunction with familiar producers such as Jack Antonoff, Max Martin or Shellback.

Marking a marked change from the Synth Pop style of 1989, Reputation has Dark Electopop and R&B influences combined with modern music genres such as EDM, Hip Hop, Trap or Miami Bass.

Album Reputation
Reputation was released in November 2017 by Big Machine Records

The fifteen-track album is about negative media detractors and Taylor Swift’s search for love amid the chaos of life.

Opening for the album Reputation, …Ready For It? Released in September 2017 by Big Machine Records. The song has an Electropop sound combined with Industrial Pop and EDM, Tropical House or Trap elements.

…Ready For It? about a person Taylor Swift calls a “murderer” with a look around familiar Hollywood images such as bank robbers, the underworld or dark prison scenes.

Taylor Swift – …Ready For It?

In the United States, the song peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Swift’s 22nd top 10 song. …Ready For It? also became her 13th number one single on the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart with sales of 135 thousand copies.

The highlight of the album “Reputaiton”, “Look What You Made Me Do” is a song that combines Dance Pop, Electropop and Electroclash tags.

The song’s content as well as the MV image show the image of Taylor Swift standing above all previous versions of the female singer as a message that she is now strong and ready to face anything.

Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do

The song’s MV broke the record for most viewed music video in the first 24 hours with 43.2 million views on the first day of release, surpassing the Vevo record of Adele’s Hello and the YouTube record of Psy’s Gentleman .

The single became one of Taylor Swift’s biggest hits when it quickly appeared on the Billboard Hot 100. The song, with sales of nearly 200,000 copies in its first day alone, became the best-selling single since from Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You.

With impressive singles, Reputation continued to receive the attention of music critics. Despite receiving some negative reviews, Taylor Swift’s songwriting style is still highly appreciated.

“Musicians need to communicate and part of communication is when you give a message that is understood the way you want to convey it. When Reputation first came out, everyone thought it was just a vent, but when they listened to the whole thing, they realized that its real content is about love and friendship.” – Entertainment Weekly

Worldwide, Reputation sold two million copies in its first week alone. In the US, the album owns sales of more than 700 thousand copies after the day of its release and more than a million copies after four days of release.

With impressive achievements, Reputation became Swift’s fifth album to dominate the US Billboard 200 chart with “huge” sales of up to 1.238 million copies in the first week alone.

At the same time, the album also brought Taylor Swift nominations for Best Pop Vocal Album at the 61st Grammy Awards and the title of Best Selling Album at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

Lover and tenderness in every song

Returning after leaving Big Machine Records, Lover is Taylor Swift’s seventh studio album, released in August 2019 by Republic Records. The album has a Retro Pop sound combined with Synth Pop, Electropop and Pop Rock mixed with a bit of Country, Punk, Funk or Folk elements.

Album lover
Lover is Taylor Swift’s seventh studio album released in August 2019

Described as “a love letter to love itself”, Lover describes all aspects of love such as contentment, infatuation, endearment or heartbreak. At the same time, the album also addresses political topics such as feminism and equality.

“Lover is an album about all the different emotions of love. Even when love hurts, this album is all about the love we feel. So I thought, this album will definitely be called Lover.” – Taylor Swift

Prologue Lover, Me! was released in April 2019 by Republic Records. The song features male singer Brendon Urie (Panic! at the Disco).

Me! with the color of Synth Pop seen in the previous hit 1989 album. The song is about each person’s unique personality traits, that they should be accepted and learned to love themselves.

Taylor Swift – ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco)

MV of Me! was released and garnered more than 65 million views on its first day of release, breaking the previous record held by Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next. This video brought Taylor Swift the Best Visual Effects award at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.

Not only that, Me! also received many positive comments from experts. Critic Jason Lipshutz (Billboard) praised the lyrics for appearing like verses, more cheerful, and that the song’s message was delivered without a hint of irony or irritation.

However, Me! also received a lot of criticism when it was judged as not suitable for the overall album “Lover”.

“Me! As a song that showcases the worst and weakest aspects of Taylor Swift’s work, it really wouldn’t be difficult to write a better song than this.” – Anna Gaca, Pitchfork

Then, You Need To Calm Down was released in June 2019, as the second single from the  Lover album . Swift wrote and produced the song with Joel Little, with whom she worked on the previous track, Me!.

The song revolves around people from the LGBTQ+ community who raise their pride and pride to live for themselves and overcome all prejudices and stigmas from others.

Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down

From the previous success of Me!, You Need To Calm Down has replaced Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road from dominating the US iTunes chart. The song also quickly reached number one in Scotland, reaching the top five in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand and the UK.

After  Me! and  You need to calm down,  Taylor Swift released  Lover,  the title track for the female singer’s album of the same name .

The song has an Indie Folk sound mixed with Pop tunes and a little Country on the rhythmic Valse music. Inspired by 1960s and 1970s instruments, the song’s harmony is a combination of guitar, staccato and snare drums.

Taylor Swift – Lover

Bringing a little color from  Red  and the unique harmony of  1989,  Lover  is a Taylor Swift song dedicated to Joe Alwyn with lovely lyrics, said to be inspired by love memories. between two people.

Immediately, the song received enthusiastic praise from experts, most of whom said that this is an extremely sweet and emotional love song.

“Taylor Swift’s Lover is so nostalgic, yet so adorable. All the flavors of life from sweet to bitter are cleverly encapsulated by Taylor Swift in this song. However, to talk about a real explosion, Lover would have a hard time doing that.” – Hugh McIntyre, Forbes

Lover dominated the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart, becoming her eighteenth single to top the chart. Not only that, the song also brought Taylor Swift a fourth nomination for Song of the Year at the 62nd Grammy Awards.

Folklore and Taylor Swift’s return to the music track in the new decade

Folklore is Taylor Swift’s eighth studio album, released in 2020. The songs on the album were composed by Taylor Swift, producer Aaron Dessner and songwriter Jack Antonoff.

The album’s title was inspired by the singer’s own wish that the music would carry a lasting legacy, which is handed down as folk songs or stories about the gods.

Album Folklore
Folklore is Taylor Swift’s eighth studio album to be released in 2020.

Derived from the Pop tunes of previous products, Folklore includes mellow Ballads with a Folk Indie sound with an Alternative Rock direction and Electro Acoustic.

“A story that becomes folklore is a story that is passed around orally and spread around. Sometimes even sung about. The line between fantasy and reality blurs and the line between fact and fiction becomes almost indistinguishable. Speculation, over time, becomes fact. Someone’s secret is written in the sky for all to see. [..] I have told these stories to the best of my ability with all the love and wonder they deserve.” – Taylor Swift

The album’s title track, Cardigan, was released in July 2020 by Republic Records. The song was composed by Taylor Swift herself in collaboration with producer Aaron Dessner.

Cardigan is an Indie Rock song with a gentle, deep Folk sound mixed with gentle piano sound. The song is about a peaceful but forgotten romance from the perspective of a female narrator named Betty, one of the fictional characters mentioned in Folklore.

Taylor Swift – cardigan (Official Music Video)

Breaking through with new music, Cardigan still tops the global Spotify chart with more than 7 million streams. The single also quickly topped the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Taylor Swift’s sixth single to top the chart.

With its unique Indie music, Taylor Swift’s  Folklore  received widespread critical acclaim for its lyrical poetry and soft music.

“Folklore is the best album of 2020 so far. It was a completely new style debut of Taylor Swift. From the storytelling style to the unique characters, these 17 songs are not boring at all.” – Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stones

Folklore took the number one spot on the Billboard 200 for eight weeks, becoming the longest-serving album in 2020. The album also brought Swift her first place on the Alternative Albums chart with her debut record. largest in history.

As the album with the biggest opening on Spotify of 2020, Folklore raked in more than 80.6 million streams on the platform on its first day of release, breaking Thank U, Next’s record. With this achievement, Swift becomes the second most streamed female artist on Spotify in 2020, after Billie Eilish.

More than commercial success, Folklore earned her five nominations at the 63rd Grammy Awards and won Album of the Year. This makes Swift the first woman in history to win this award three times.

Folklore took home the Album of the Year award
Folklore brought Taylor five nominations at the 63rd Grammy Awards and won Album of the Year

At the 2020 American Music Awards, Folklore helped her win the title of Artist of the Year and Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist and Favorite Music Video with the song Cardigan. Since then, Taylor Swift has become the most awarded artist in the show’s history with 32 awards.

Over time, Taylor Swift’s music gradually changed from traditional Country tunes to catchy, modern Pop sounds. Along with that, the female singer also has a makeover in appearance, the fragile country music princess has now become a sexy, seductive girl.

Despite having a troubled private life, with serious efforts and quality music products, the name Taylor Swift has always been an outstanding monument of the contemporary music scene.


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