Mysterious footprints and giant skeletons appear in South Africa (video)


Many research results about the earth and humans have helped mankind understand the environment and themselves in survival. The formation of the earth and the beginning of man are systematized and deciphered with many hypotheses, but only to a certain extent compared to historical dimensions. The world of 4.0 has helped people today to continue searching, researching, and giving important signals, but in fact, human understanding is still “small” to this world.

A large human skeleton discovered in South Africa. Source: Collector
A large human skeleton discovered in South Africa. Source: Collector

* Build amazing works

Traces and relics of great works around the globe found in ancient times in the high mountains, oceans, deserts… have surprised the age, time, and construction techniques of the ancients. thousands of years ago and even beyond.

The majestic Egyptian desert pyramid is said that the time to “bow” is only a small part of the creation of ancient people. The high mountain peaks with stone cities in South America still remain the unexplored mysteries of the Mayan culture. Nearly 900 giant stone statues on Easter Island in the Southeast Pacific Ocean look into the distance, waiting for a full decipherment… The planning ruins of some ancient cities are found to make people admire today because scientific level of architectural planning… There are certainly reasons and purposes for human communities or a management entity to initiate and proceed with the construction of such masterpieces.

One of the questions for researchers is, is it possible that all these works were made by humans who are the ancestors of mankind today. Hypotheses are given to explain, prove … and there is no end. With the dates determined, in the undeveloped period of science and technology, whether humans by their own strength have completed such great works. There is an opinion that there is a community of giants who made or helped those ancient people to build these works because of raw materials and materials with a large amount of large-scale architectural structures that require large-scale architectural works. asked for superior strength and technology to the people of that time.

* Archaeological finds of giants

There are many archaeological finds, including giants, that have not been published for various reasons. A number of remains and related relics were found, which were brought to the media and also surprised many people.

Huge footprints in the rock. Source: Collector
Huge footprints in the rock. Source: Collector

In 1988, in Egypt, a 38cm long finger was discovered in an ancient tomb. Scientists believe that this finger-like creature, similar to humans or other primates, will be about 5m tall and weigh from 600-800kg. In the US, many places have discovered traces of giants. In 1891, scientists from the Smithsonian Institution found a giant skeleton more than 2m long in the ancient city of Aztalan, near Madison, Wisconsin. From the discovery of two miners in Lovelock cave in Nevada in 1911, archaeologists have found about 60 sets of remains with a length of more than 3m, along with many weapons, tools, a pair of sandals about 38cm long and a mark of a giant hand imprinted on the wall of a cave. On May 4, 1912, archaeologists from Beloit University unearthed 18 giant skeletons buried by coal and clay at Lake Delavan, Wisconsin. Dr. F. Bruce Russell, Dr. Daniel S. Bovee discovered human skeletons with a height of 2-2.9m in tunnels deep below Death Valley in 1931. In 2015, archaeologists discovered a human skeleton with Nearly 10 times the size of an adult’s bones in Varna, Bulgaria – this was once the ancient Greek city of Odessos. A cave on a remote island off Pulau Upeh, Malacca state in Malaysia has giant skeletons from 3-5m. Where did those remains come from and need answers. A cave on a remote island off Pulau Upeh, Malacca state in Malaysia has giant skeletons from 3-5m. Where did those remains come from and need answers. A cave on a remote island off Pulau Upeh, Malacca state in Malaysia has giant skeletons from 3-5m. Where did those remains come from and need answers.


Do you believe that humans or giants once appeared on earth? The answer is common and easy to accept: Once upon a time, only in legends and fairy tales. But that’s right, the fairy tale treasures of the peoples of the world mention many real giants. They used to appear, live and help people in special situations. If you don’t believe it, just read the fairy tales and the world will see how giants appear. In many parts of the world, the traces of the giant’s hands and feet on the rock are interesting to many people. Even religious texts mention large people, like warriors, who are said to have descended from the gods to earth to live with humans.

Outline portraits of giants of Atlantean culture and modern humans. Source: Collector
Outline portraits of giants of Atlantean culture and modern humans. Source: Collector

Ethnic groups around the world have their own explanations for the appearance of giants: they were born as a special ethnic group, as brave as warriors, even belligerent; is a race that has a combination of bloodline between humans and the spirit world with unmatched strength and powers; Many giants have helped people in dire situations…

10 bằng chứng cho thấy người khổng lồ có tồn tại


Many paintings in the caves, in the relics of ancient cultures depict giants in daily life, sacrifice rites and even in living with humans. In some countries around the world, real large people have been recorded with body sizes and things that are different from normal humans. You just look it up on Google, there is a lot of diverse information and even pictures of real people, real things, even included in the Guinness record.

Sốc với bộ xương của "những người khổng lồ" Trung Quốc 5.000 năm tuổi -


Giants once existed on earth and went extinct? Or have they completed their mission and have returned to their place of residence? Are they people from another planet who came to earth and will come back?… How many questions can be asked whose answers may remain a mystery forever. Humans always want to solve these mysteries, mysteries related to humans and the earth. Humans have reached out to research into the universe and keep learning… While waiting for the research results, surely, we just let the giants exist in the rich imagination of each person.



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