Cristiano Ronaldo, 38, scored his 16th goal of the season in a straightforward victory for Al-Nassr, continuing his stellar play ‎


Cristiano Ronaldo scored the third goal in Al-Nassr’s 3-1 victory over Al-Wehda on Saturday, continuing his incredible goal-scoring streak in the Saudi Pro League.

The Portuguese sensation scored the game’s winning goal as his team’s impressive performance kept Al-Nassr four points behind the top spot in the league standings.

With 13 goals in 12 games and 16 in all competitions, Ronaldo, 38, continues to lead the Saudi Pro League goalscoring records. This puts him ahead of former Real Madrid teammate Karim Benzema.

а Ԁаy eаrlιer, Benzemа scоreԀ а Һаt-trιck fоr аl-ιttιҺаԀ, Һelpιng tҺe strugglιng teаm resume tҺeιr wιnnιng wаys wιtҺоut fоrmer mаnаger Nunо Espιrιtо Sаntоs, wҺо wаs fιreԀ а few Ԁаys prevιоusly.

In the meantime, Ronaldo scored for the second straight league game in the 50th minute by capitalizing on a mistake.

Oscar Duarte, the defender for Al-Wehda, was the one who gave Ronaldo the opportunity to tap in from close range with his header back towards goal.

Ronaldo finished with his first touch while the rival goalkeeper tried to close down the space inside the box. Ronaldo was lurking just inside.

With a superb move, he tapped the ball into the net to give the formidable visitors a 3-0 lead.

After only 11 minutes of play, Alex Telles, Ronaldo’s former Manchester United teammate, scored the game’s opening goal.

Sadio Mane, the former star of Liverpool, had yet another disappointing performance as he failed to score a goal or provide an assist in a league game for the fourth straight.

Following his 400th goal since turning 30 in their previous game, Ronaldo maintained his stellar Saudi Pro League play.


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