Wild World : Thrilling clash between 2 kings of the forest (video)


In the wild, the tiger is one of the top carnivorous animals, with a large body, fierce aggression, striped fur, strong teeth, dangerous claws, strength, perseverance. and run quite fast, so the tiger is called the king of the jungle and rarely has natural enemies.

Besides, tigers are highly territorial animals and will fight to protect their land regardless of the relationship.

According to the Daily Mail, two adult female tigers, actually mother and cubs, are engaged in a battle for territory and dominance inside Ranthambore park, Rajasthan state, western India.

Tiger cubs attack mother tiger in the war for power

Wildlife photographer Parag Bhatt has many years of experience capturing amazingly clear images of the fight between two huge tigresses.

Parag Bhatt, 61, said: ‘The duel between a tiger mother named Noor and an adult daughter named Sultana who wants to be independent, gain dominion and territory, separate from her mother.

The intense clash lasted for about 20 seconds

The clash lasted for about 20 seconds, but through close-up images, the fierceness of the two tigresses can be clearly seen.

The 61-year-old photographer from Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra, who has been passionate about wildlife photography for the past 15 years, shares that this is the first time he has had the opportunity to witness the fight between two tigers.

Tigers are highly territorial animals and will fight to protect their land

He said: “Perhaps the war for territorial rights and dominance between the tiger mother and mother will always be etched in my memory. Contrary to the images I have seen on television of the wild world, A mother who always takes care of her child. This time, I experienced something new that fascinated me.”

Tiger mother Noor was walking on a narrow road when her cub Sultana suddenly rushed from behind.

In the blink of an eye, Sultana had pounced on the mother tiger, pulling her into the fight, making the onlookers a little scared.

Two tigers face off in a battle for territory and power
Tigers are originally carnivorous beasts, when they grow up, they can be big and strong


The death battles of the Giant Wild Boar with the Lion, Leopard, and Hyena 

The African pig accidentally got lost in the lion’s territory and became the prey of the king of the jungle after a fierce battle.

A frenzied attack was recorded at Addo Elephant Park, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, when a boar (an African wild boar with two large fangs and a hump on its face) accidentally strayed into the lord’s domain. forest while they are sleeping.

The boar managed to escape despite reaching a dangerous place and waking a lioness. However, while fleeing, it accidentally returned to the lion’s territory again, just in time a male lion was awakened.

The boar did not notice the presence of the lion, while the lion rushed out to attack suddenly from the grove. The weaker was forced to fight in the hope of being able to escape. But it seems unable to defend itself when the opponent is many times stronger than it.

In the fierce battle, the boar was thrown overhead. The tug-of-war made the surrounding dust cloud.

After 6 minutes, the lion gained the upper hand, pinning the boar to the ground. Unlucky prey becomes dinner for the king of the jungle.

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