The majestic Iguazu Falls – the border of Brazil and Argentina

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Iguazu is one of the most famous natural waterfalls in the world. This is a romantic tourist destination that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Located on the border of Brazil and Argentina, the Iguazu River originates in the city of Curitiba and flows through most of Brazil ending at the border between Brazil and Argentina, this waterfall divides the Iguazu River into two tributaries. Looking down from above, Iguazu waterfall is white, steep, surrounded by tropical forests. The waterfall has two floors including many different large and small waterfalls with the shape of a horseshoe.

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Iguazu Falls was formed by volcanoes creating cracks in the ground

Iguazu Falls was formed by volcanoes creating cracks in the ground
The majestic and beautiful Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is the result of a volcanic eruption that left cracks in the ground. The waterfall system includes 274 waterfalls stretching over 2km on the Iguazu River. Depending on the rainy season or the dry season, these waterfalls are screaming at times; sometimes creating beautiful, peaceful and clear water screens. During the rainy season, the rate of water flow down the waterfall can be up to 450,000 cubic meters per day.

The legend of the Indians recounts that this was the result of the wrath of the Water God. According to legend, there was a god who planned to marry a beautiful mortal woman named Naipi. But this girl did not accept and fled with her lover on a canoe. In anger, the water god created a giant waterfall to punish those who tried to escape. The Spaniards first discovered this waterfall in 1541.

Trọn bộ bí kíp chinh phục thác Iguazu – thác nước hùng vĩ nhất Nam Mỹ

For many years, Iguazu waterfall still flows among the green forest. As a kind mother all year round providing water for the green forest; The children of the forest grow up and embrace their gentle mother. It can be shown that not only proud beauty in the middle of the green forest; but Iguazu waterfall is also an endless source of life nurturing a rich ecosystem that surrounds it. Therefore, Iguazu Falls has a special attraction for many tourists around the world.

Ngỡ ngàng trước vẻ đẹp hùng vĩ của thác nước Iguazu tại Brazil

Devils Throat Waterfall

The Iguazu waterfall system includes 275 large and small waterfalls. Stretching over 2km on the Iguazu River and averaging over 60m high; The number of lines is variable and depends on the seasons of the year. In particular, Devil’s Throat waterfall, meaning “Devil’s Throat” is the largest and most impressive waterfall. The waterfall falls from a height of 82m, with a width of 150m and a length of 700m. On average, Iguazu Falls flows 1,500m3 of water per second. Especially in the heavy rainy season, it can reach up to 13,000m3 per second, enough to fill 5 Olympic swimming pools.


Thác Bản Giốc lọt vào bảng xếp hạng những thác nước đẹp nhất thế giới


The most impressive is Devils Throat waterfall – a horseshoe-shaped waterfall with a height of 82 meters, 150 meters wide, 700 meters long. Visitors will be truly amazed by the majestic and poetic beauty of the Iguazu waterfall cluster. Every year, the Iguazu waterfall cluster attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to visit and relax. Standing on high, guests can see the surrounding unspoiled subtropical forests and the great beauty of the waterfall flowing down from above to form white bands like clouds in the sky.

Activities around the waterfall

Activities around the waterfall
Visitors can also paddle out to the middle of the stream to observe the scenery

This place really gives visitors the strange feeling of being majestic, adventurous and poetic. For a panoramic view of the waterfall area; Visitors can take a helicopter or paddle out to the middle of the stream. Come to this attractive tourist destination; Visitors can participate in water sports activities, rafting, mountain climbing and especially can not miss the excursion to visit the area under the Iguazu waterfall by boat.

In addition to the above activities, tourists also experience exciting adventures; while visiting the subtropical forests around the waterfall. There are many kinds of orchids, palm trees, hundreds of species of birds, thousands of butterflies, especially jaguars and tapirs… The ideal time to visit Iguazu is in spring and autumn. The summer is usually very hot and humid, and in the winter, the amount of water decreases markedly, you will not see the majesty of the waterfall.


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