2800 thousand year old tomb filled with gold in kazakahstan


Some 3,000 gold and precious metal artifacts are believed to belong to a royal couple.

Discovering priceless 2,800-year-old treasures in the mountains in Kazakhstan - 1

Artifacts of gold and precious metals were found in a tomb in the Tarbagatai Mountains, Kazakhstan.

The priceless treasure is dated to 2,800 years old and belongs to members of the royal family or nobility of the Saka people, who once lived in Central Asia. Gold and precious metal artifacts found include: bell-shaped earrings, gold animal figures and gold necklaces studded with precious stones.


The finely crafted gold ornamented clothes show the very high level of goldsmiths of the period.

Discovering priceless 2,800-year-old treasures in the mountains in Kazakhstan - 2

Decorative motifs with eagle.

Archaeologists hope to find the remains of the couple, believed to be the owners of priceless treasure. But they have not yet decided to excavate the tomb.


Các nhà khảo cổ tìm được khoảng 3000 món đồ chế tác bằng vàng quý hiếm.



Professor Zainolla Samashev, who led the excavation team, said: “A large number of valuable artifacts have been found in this tomb, leading us to believe that a man and a woman were buried. here. They belong to the aristocracy of the Saka people.”

Discovering priceless 2,800-year-old treasures in the mountains in Kazakhstan - 3

There are about 200 grave sites on the Eleke Sazy plateau in the Tarbagatai Mountains in Kazakhstan. Many treasures have been found here, but most of them were robbed in ancient times.

Even so, archaeologists believe they will find more remains buried with the treasures of the Saka people.



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