Terrifying photos of the 3,500-year-old mummy of Pharaoh

After his death, Ramesses I was buried in the Valley of the Kings. His tomb was discovered by archaeologist Giovanni Belzoni in 1817. The adventures of this mummy Egyptian pharaoh began not long after.


Among dozens of  Egyptian pharaoh mummies  discovered so far, the mummy of pharaoh Ramesses I can be considered the mummy with the most floating fate.


Back in history, Ramesses I’s real name is Pramesse, He was a talented Prime Minister of Horemheb, the last pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty.


After Horemheb died without an heir, Pramesse became pharaoh with the title Ramesses I, the pharaoh who founded the 19th Dynasty of ancient Egypt.


Ramesses I ruled between 1295 – 1294 BC. He died when he had only been on the throne for two years and his son Seti I ascended the throne.


After his death, Ramesses I was buried in the Valley of the Kings. His tomb was discovered by archaeologist Giovanni Belzoni in 1817 and named KV16.



Ramesses I’s new adventure begins not long after that. His mummy was stolen by a thief named Abu-Rassul and sent to the black market before being recovered.


Around 1860, the mummified pharaoh Ramesses I sailed at sea for many months to come to America with Dr. James Douglas.


Nearly 150 years later, the new mummy was returned to Egypt, on October 24, 2003.


According to general assessment, the mummy is preserved in quite good condition by the traditional method of mummification similar to other Egyptian pharaohs. He was posed lying flat, his hands clasped to his chest, wrapped in several layers of shrouds.


Today, visitors can admire the mummy of pharaoh Ramesses I at the Luxor Museum in Egypt.


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