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Recently, the international press has reviewed some interesting information and research related to aliens. Check with Invert and get the latest information about UFOs (unidentified flying objects) now!

The existence or non-existence of aliens is still a controversial question, and causes headaches for scientists.
The existence or non-existence of aliens is still a controversial question, and causes headaches for scientists.

What are aliens?

In fact, the term aliens or UFOs has been mentioned a lot in the world about the suspicion that there is another planet inhabited by life and those people are called UFOs.

Specifically, scientists around the world think that if there is life beyond Earth, that evolution must have appeared in many places in this vast universe. There are even some daring theories that if we find planets other than ours with life on it, they may be much more developed than we are, we are just new. is the version of the stub.

According to the researchers’ speculation, the other creature (alien) can exist in human-like form or monstrous like sci-fi movie or smaller is still a mystery. However, it is safe to say that those creatures have their intelligence and will probably not be inferior to humans on earth.

“Aliens certainly exist and could have lived on Earth for a very long time right next to us.” That is the assertion of Dr Helen Sharman – who was the first British astronaut, shared with the British Observer newspaper.

In 1991, Dr. Helen Sharman and two Soviet cosmonauts (former) Anatoly Artsebarsky and Sergei Krikalev took a commemorative photo while on a mission to fly into space. 
In 1991, Dr. Helen Sharman and two Soviet cosmonauts (former) Anatoly Artsebarsky and Sergei Krikalev took a commemorative pho to while on a mission to fly into space. 

Interesting updates about aliens

Recently, major global newspapers have cited some interesting studies that are believed to be related to aliens. Specifically, please refer to the information updated by Invert below!

Black holes could be hiding places for life

Research published this past July 2021 in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society has its share of concerns over the human attention to the search for extraterrestrials in places similar to Earth’s. Earth that forgets the other potential world is the black hole of the universe.

This research has shown that an existing black hole can provide 100,000 times more energy than a star or a sun. Therefore, this could also be a source of energy that alien civilizations near the black hole can absorb and form life with a high-tech structure called a Dyson sphere. Therefore, the mysterious worlds around should also be noticed.

Do not search for planets similar to Earth


A new study published in August 2021 has confirmed that oceanic geomorphs about 2.5 larger than Earth with hydrogen-rich atmospheres could well be the right environment for this to happen. Life takes on extreme microbial forms like the ones we find underground.

Therefore, the direction of studying planets that are somewhat Earth-like may not be as ideal as those of Hycean-shaped planets.

Can aliens harness the energy of black holes?
Can aliens harness the energy of black holes?

The place where aliens live must have life

If we keep looking for aliens in places where there is no potential for life, it will be very difficult to find UFOs. Therefore, research published in June 2021 has shared about the event that NASA’s Cassini spacecraft collected tiger stripes on the spacecraft that may be the place to spray water ice particles into space. This brought in organic compounds, so it could also be an alien shelter in the underground ocean.

Oumuamua could be a UFO probe

Through a long period of research, experts have been able to give evidence that Oumuamua is a cigar-shaped asteroid. This is proven to be an extraterrestrial object and also not in the solar system. Its behavior is also very unusual, so it could also be a product of some disguised exploration technology of a mysterious extraterrestrial civilization established by aliens.

Simulation Oumuamua
Simulation Oumuamua

The world out there may be witnessing us humans evolve

A recent June 2021 publication has provided evidence that there are at least 1,700 planets about 300 light-years away that could support life. At the same time, these planets can also observe the earth and human evolution every day.

Although this may be absurd, Professor Lisa Kaltenegger from Cornell University’s Carl Sagan Institute conducted research and asserted that if those extraterrestrial planets are many years more developed than we are and have Civilizations more advanced than us, it is entirely possible that they are qualified to observe the earth. If our technology reaches a certain level, it is also possible to contact them in the future.

Although currently aliens are still unidentified entities, the world has always believed that there really are planets where life exists and there are creatures living there that are inhabited by earthlings. called UFOs or aliens.


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