Antarctica – an icy continent that hides many mysteries with giant pyramids buried deep under thick ice as evidence of an ancient civilization that once existed, with ancient maps showing where This used to be without ice, with secret bases of governments and aliens….The Antarctic hypothesis is more than just a frozen wasteland that has intrigued scientists, writers and conspiracy theorists for decades.

What makes this icy continent the focus of debate? Some people argue that, because this land is separate from the rest of the world, and to reach Antarctica not everyone can want to come.

Antarctica is one of the largest unexplored wilderness areas on Earth, deep beneath the thick ice lies a myriad of mysteries.

There are still too many mysteries in the heart of Antarctica that people have not discovered. (Photo: Pretty Girls)

So what happened to this frozen continent?

If you ask scientists, they will probably answer that this icy continent is a “time box” containing the solution to life on Earth when humans lived in Antarctica as well as the answer to the question. solve the unsolved mysteries of the Solar System.

However, Antarctica is much more interesting than that, it is said that it holds secrets about Pyramids to alien bases, from UFOs to disappeared civilizations… It seems that the South Pole has it all.

Pyramids in Antarctica

Perhaps one of the most interesting topics when it comes to Antarctica and its mysteries is the hypothesis of the Pyramids buried under thick ice.

According to many researchers, there are countless secrets in Antarctica that are kept well-kept. Many images released over the past few years show what appear to be supermassive structures in Antarctica. Some of these “glacial structures” have even been compared to majestic ancient structures such as the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Pictures of pyramids in Antarctica. (Photo:

Do pyramids really exist in Antarctica?

The Ocean Integral Drilling Program (IODP), an international project of undersea exploration, has captured satellite images of pyramidal structures buried under Antarctica’s ice. While many believe these structures are evidence of an ancient civilization in Antarctica, scientists are skeptical that these are just pyramid-shaped mountains.

The thing is that to make expeditions to Antarctica and conduct excavations is almost impossible because of the potential for too much danger. In addition, humans will hardly be able to stay here for long due to the harsh icy climate.

Pyramids are also not the only thing suspected to exist in Antarctica, there are many more structures that have been found on the continent.


Ancient map of Piri Reis

Perhaps one of the most mysterious things about Antarctica is an ancient map illustrating the present ice-covered continent that was once without ice.

The Piri Reis map is one of the most controversial maps ever discovered on Earth. By some interpretations it describes Antarctica – the fifth largest continent on Earth – without ice. Drawn by Turkish Admiral Piri Reis, this map is an integration of many older maps but about 20 of them have been lost so far.

The map of Piri-Reis. (Photo: The Truth Hunter)

So who drew the mysterious map when the Antarctic continent was ice-free millions of years ago? Many people believe that the workers who built the pyramids in Antarctica at that time drew them, but there is no evidence to support this.

Ruins of ancient cities?

If we look to the east of Antarctica, we will see a strange oval structure jutting out of the ground. Measuring about 122 meters across, this strangely shaped structure is believed to be ancient structures buried and hidden by the Antarctic ice.

The two “doors” are said to lead down to the ancient city in Antarctica. (Photo: Epoch Times)

Satellite images have revealed a significant number of strange “structures” beneath the ice.

Suspicious oval texture. (Photo: Knowledge – Violet Library)

Some UFO researchers and hunters believe these strange structures are ancient cities, and are just a few of the many pieces of evidence that Antarctica was once home to an advanced ancient civilization.

Alien base and UFO

Conspiracy theorists claim that the Pyramids and ancient cities buried beneath the thick layers of Antarctic ice are bases for aliens and UFOs there. UFO hunters believe they have found countless strange things using satellite images and Google Earth.

The image of stairs taken in Antarctica is suspected to be a UFO landing site. (Photo:

They believe that there exists a giant anomalous structure of “Alien” deep beneath the ice 240 km thick. Located at Wilkes Land in Antarctica, this anomalous structure is thought to be about 250 km wide and about 800 meters deep beneath the ice.

Secret Nazi Base

During World War II, Nazi Germany was very focused on possessing secret knowledge, technology and weapons to gain the upper hand in war.

The Nazis built bunkers and secret bases all over the world and it is believed that the Nazis once built a huge base in Antarctica. Hitler performed many strange experiments with technologies the world had never seen before.

To research advanced weapons, they built a secret base called “Base 211” in Antarctica.

Nazi Germany is said to have sent submarines to Antarctica to build “alien” military bases. To date, researchers have not found a solution to this conundrum. (Photo:

It is thought that New Swabia, or Neuschwabenland, located between 20° east and 10° west latitude in Queen Maud Land is where the Nazi Antarctic expedition team found areas that were not frozen , has fresh water and vegetation.