Fiery Lionel Messi erupts in frustration as Uruguay secures 2-0 win against Argentina on home turf ‎


On November 18, Argentina faced a loss at home against Uruguay during the World Cup qualifying matches for South America. The score was 0-2 in favor of Uruguay. The team utilized a mass defensive playing style against the current world champions. They made strong tackles, particularly targeting Lionel Messi, who managed to score a goal despite the rough play.

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During the initial half of the game, there were multiple instances of players colliding with each other, leading to interruptions. Messi, unfortunately, seemed to lose his cool. At the twenty-minute mark, a collision between player number 16 and Rodrigo De Paul caused “El Pulga” to leap in and choke Mathias Olivera, who was positioned in the midfield.

Argentina is powerless against Uruguay.  (Photo: Getty Images)

Argentina’s attacking strategy failed miserably, resulting in severe consequences due to defensive errors. In the 41st minute of the game, Nahuel Molina lost possession of the ball to Vina, leading to Ronald Araujo finishing at the corner and opening the score. Accurate passing by number 17 played a significant role in this moment. Despite Emiliano Martinez’s contact with the ball, the world champions failed to save the game. Following the loss, Argentina tried to recover, but their attacks were unable to break through the dense defense of the opposing team playing away from home. The host had only two potential opportunities resulting from fixed situations, both of which Messi took advantage of. In the 25th minute, Messi hung the ball awkwardly, and the goalkeeper came out to push the ball. In the 57th minute, the bar prevented Messi from scoring his tenth goal from a free kick when goalkeeper Rochet was waiting for the ball.


FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: Lionel Messi's Argentina fall to shock 2-0 loss  against Uruguay - India Today

The Argentine football stars are getting restless as time goes by. In the 87th minute, Messi attempted to dribble the ball, but was unsuccessful and ended up being criticized by the home crowd. Uruguay took advantage of this mistake and quickly organized a counterattack, resulting in Darwin Nunez scoring a calm finish with the help of De la Cruz’s precise pass. The Aston Villa goalie, who is currently playing for Liverpool, had to pick up the ball from the net for the second time.

Lionel Messi grabs Uruguay player Mathias Olivera by neck - Futbol on  FanNation

Uruguay triumphed over Argentina with a 2-0 score in their recent match at Alberto Armando Stadium. This win ended Argentina’s remarkable 14-match winning streak and marked their first defeat in the 2025 World Cup qualifying matches. Although it has been a decade since Uruguay last won a victory song against their striped-white-and-blue-shirted rivals, they secured a win this time around.


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