Family home, this is what Messi is more perfect than Ronaldo


Messi’s personality and playing style is different from Ronaldo’s, partly influenced by the influence of his family when he was young.

“The wedding of the century”, as the Argentine press called it about Lionel Messi’s marriage, just ended over the weekend. A fancy and flashy wedding like the movie awards ceremony is somewhat different from the usual Messi image, less noisy. 

But looking at it from another angle, Messi probably wants to celebrate the wedding, organize a big party for his wife Antonella Roccuzzo in the most worthy way she can receive. Antonella and two boys Thiago, Mateo, as the final pieces for Messi’s happy family home.

Family home, this is what Messi is more perfect than Ronaldo - Photo 1.

Messi, was born into a poor working family in Rosario, but was fortunate to have love from his parents and siblings. Since childhood, he suffered from stunting, he was still treated by his parents, even though his family was not well off. 

When he went to Barcelona to study, Messi was also accompanied by his mother to take care of him. By the time he had his first success, entering the Barca first team, Messi was managed by h is father, supporting everything so that he could only focus on playing football. The full support from his family has enabled Messi to play in the most pristine style, playing with the ball, with pure love.


Messi also has only one love affair, fortunately he loves the right person. Antonella retreated backstage, taking care of her small family when she returned to live with Messi in 2010. When the Argentine striker turned 30, approaching the end of her career, she began to think about business and worry. for the days to come.

Messi’s life, it must be said, is perfect, always living in the love of his family.

Family home, this is what Messi is more perfect than Ronaldo - Photo 2.

Messi’s extended family.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is seen as Messi’s counterpart, is not so lucky. He is an unwanted child. Ronaldo’s mother painfully admitted that she was unfortunate enough to give birth to Ronaldo and had the idea of ​​aborting her child when she was still a fetus. But finally Mrs. Dolores also gave birth to CR7. 

Ronaldo’s childhood was heavily influenced by his father, including his love of the ball. But Ronaldo’s father was a heavy drinker, and soon passed away. Fortunately, Ronaldo still has the utmost care of his mother, who he considers the most important in his life. But of course, Ronaldo still lacks such a thing as a family home.

It is undeniable that it greatly influenced CR7’s personality. He enjoys endless fun, being called a playboy when he hangs out with so many girls, of all backgrounds. People call Ronaldo arrogant but that suits his living situation. Ronaldo must assert himself, rise up after the misfortunes of his childhood.

Family home, this is what Messi is more perfect than Ronaldo - Photo 3.

Ronaldo and his mother.

Having to be independent from a young age, always doing everything alone has affected Ronaldo’s psychology and personality. Since then, Ronaldo has three children but did not give them a mother. Ronaldo insists that he alone is enough to bring happiness to his children.

But as he gets older, Ronaldo probably wants a peaceful life like everyone else. He knew a simple, ordinary, unpopular girl. And if the rumor that Georgina is pregnant is true, Ronaldo has also thought about a family home. 

After all, every day players must understand that family is the most important thing in everyone’s life.


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