Mysterious strange object like UFO flying among red thunderclouds in Thailand (video)


The video filmed in Phuket, Thailand by online fitness trainer Darren Blakeley is causing a stir when he accidentally captures a strange scene – a group of UFOs shining brightly like in the movie Avengers.

Strange images in the video cause fever

Recently, a tourist said he had captured the moment a giant “UFO” appeared in the red cloud in the sky.

Mysterious strange objects like UFOs fly among red thunderclouds in Thailand - Photo 2.

Strange UFO cloud.

The eerie sight was brought to a halt, with many describing it as a scene from a real-life Avengers movie.

The owner of the video, Mr. Darren Blakeley (53 years old), captured the entire process of forming a cloud in the shape of a red bowl right above the resort – where he enjoyed his vacation in Laguna, Phuket, Thailand.

Mysterious strange objects like UFOs flying among red thunderclouds in Thailand - Photo 3.

In the video, it can be seen that passersby also stop and gape in surprise at the eerie cloud. It stood out from the sky, looking very scary and also accompanied by lightning flashes inside – where there was clearly a fairly clear sky.

Although only 54 seconds long, the video immediately attracted more than 1.7 million views on social media and 37,000 shares. Quite a few people also responded happily that they were watching a blockbuster that surpassed Endgame.

Close-up of the strange cloud

Darren Blakeley, an online fitness trainer from New Zealand but now living in Singapore, said that he filmed the video just because he thought what was happening was crazy and had never seen it before.

Mysterious strange objects like UFOs fly between red thunderclouds in Thailand - Photo 4.

Darren also confirmed that what appeared in the sky was a UFO. Those who were present with him were all captivated by the image, no one could talk – they could only stand dumbfounded.

The coach added that at the time of the strange phenomenon, there were no other clouds in the sky. The area where he stood was clear until a strange cloud appeared with lightning and sometimes thunder. This unique cloud moves quite quickly.

When the video went viral, Darren received many responses from people living near where the phenomenon occurred. Quite a few people expressed regret when they missed seeing this anomalous phenomenon that lasted for only 5 minutes. But Darren’s friend even blamed him for not telling them in time. However, it is still quite fortunate that Darren recorded the phenomenon and published it in the media.

Theory of extraterrestrials

After the video went viral on social media, many people have speculated that it is related to aliens because there are some quite strange points. For example, the weather around the area where the phenomenon occurs is still very cloudy, even dry and fresh. Moreover, when the cloud moves, it remains stationary and does not change its original shape.

Mysterious strange objects like UFOs flying among red thunderclouds in Thailand - Photo 5.

More cheerful comments liken the phenomenon to a real-life superhero movie scene.


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