Discover the inside of Ronaldo’s super beautiful £20 million private jet


The Gulfstream G200 twin-engine jet was purchased by Cristiano Ronaldo in 2015 for £20 million. CR7 and his family often travel to and from their hometown by this plane.

For nearly two decades, Ronaldo has been the highest-paid player in the world. In addition, he also runs other businesses such as fashion, restaurants and hotels… Therefore, CR7 owns a lot of supercars and a private jet worth £20 million.

Originally, Gulfstream G200 was named Astra Galaxy. This jet aircraft has 2 engines, reaching a maximum speed of 900 km / h. Each time it is refueled, it can fly 6,293 km. So far, only 250 G200s have been produced.

Discover Ronaldo's £20 million private jet - Photo 1.

The Gulfstream G200 was designed by Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace from 1999-2011. G200 has a length of 18.97 m, a wingspan of 17.7 m, a height of 6.53 m, and an unladen weight of 8,709 kg.

Gulfstream G200 can carry up to 8-10 passengers with the pilot and has a bed. Whenever traveling, attending events or from countries where Ronaldo plays at club level such as Spain, Italy or England to his native Portugal, Ronaldo, his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and his family often go. by this plane to be proactive about time.


In addition to being spacious, Ronaldo’s Gulfstream G200 also has a wardrobe for the 37-year-old superstar to store his branded clothes. At the same time, the aircraft is equipped with a Wi-Fi transmitter, telephone, fax machine, electric oven, microwave, refrigerator and entertainment system.

Some pictures of Ronaldo’s Gulfstream G200:

Discover Ronaldo's £20 million private jet - Photo 2.

Ronaldo and his teammates in the Gulfstream G200. Photo: Instagram character.arrow_forward_iosRead more

Discover Ronaldo's £20 million private jet - Photo 3.

Cockpit. Photo: Avbuyer.

Discover Ronaldo's £20 million private jet - Photo 4.

Luxury interior. Photo: Privatefly.

Discover Ronaldo's £20 million private jet - Photo 5.

Photo: Instagram character.

Discover Ronaldo's £20 million private jet - Photo 6.

Ronaldo and his son in the plane. Photo: Instagram character.

Discover Ronaldo's £20 million private jet - Photo 7.

Ronaldo and girlfriend girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. Photo: Instagram character.

Discover Ronaldo's £20 million private jet - Photo 8.

Photo: Instagram Georgina Rodriguez.


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