The family of Messi & Ramos has gone from feuding to best friends everywhere


In the old Super Classics, it was not Ronaldo but Sergio Ramos who hated Lionel Messi the most. But now, things have changed to the point that the families of these two superstars have become close.

The family of Messi & Ramos from enemies to best friends

“ Messi can stay at my house for about the first week. Hope Messi can feel comfortable in Paris . I would be very happy if I could help him” – Ramos generously invited Messi to “stay in” during the days when they both arrived at PSG last summer. And after more than a year of playing together on the same team, the two have turned enemies into friends.

The relationship between these two superstars is also improved in the “behind-the-scenes” aspect. According to But Football , Messi’s wife Antonela Rocuzzo as well as Ramos’ Pilar Rubio have even grown closer.

Yesterday, this newspaper told the story that Messi’s wife constantly praised Pilar’s hot body and lovely face. The wife of the Spanish midfielder is known as one of the hottest WAGs in the PSG star lineup at the moment.


However, the beauty of her Antonela is also increasingly salty. The bikini picture that Leo’s wife recently showed on Instagram also made many people “stop”.

The same Argentinian, but Antonela is not close to Wanda Nara, the scandalous wife of Mauro Icardi. These two families do not have much to do with each other, although they are famous compatriots in the midst of magnificent Paris.


According to But Football, it was Ramos’ enthusiasm when Messi came to PSG that helped bring the two families closer together. Even then, Ramos even called Messi to invite: “If you and your family want to stay in a house rather than a hotel, you can stay at my house.”

Messi politely refused, then stayed at the 5-star Le Royal Monceau hotel, which is about 500 meters from the Arc de Triomphe for $23,000 per night. After that, the two families often met and the affection and intimacy between them increased, recalling the close relationship between the Messi family and the previous Suarez family.

Coming to the city of light, Paris, the two WAG Antonela and Pilar became hardcore, especially in the field of fashion. At the end of February, during the Paris Fashion Week event, Messi’s wife and Ramos’ wife were seen walking together, close sisterhood.


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