Ronaldo: An intense childhood and the end of pain


In the subconscious child Cristiano Ronaldo , his father is an alcoholic, nothing more, nothing less. Mr. Jose Dinis Aveiro spends most of his seemingly infinite idle time wandering around intoxicated. When drunk people often do wrong things, such as venting resentments on others. The boy Ronaldo was many times an excuse to suffer an unfair blow from his drunken, harsh father, whose mind was always piling up resentment.

To fall into that tragedy, everything has a reason. It was the 1970s. Mr. Aveiro, along with other young Portuguese soldiers, was sent to the battlefields of Angola, with the faint hope of a victory for the dictatorship. But fortunately for Jose Dinis Aveiro, the 4910th battalion where he was stationed did not have to risk his life against the arrows and arrows on the battlefield. Thanks to that, that soldier had a day to return to give birth to the sublime Cristiano Ronaldo today.

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After a coup in his native Portugal, the dictatorship was overthrown. The soldiers returned, but their youth and souls were forever deposited in Angola. The remnants of soldiers are like a generation gone, living with no purpose, no fixed job, walking footsteps following the magic men. Jose Dinis Aveiro is one such soldier.

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Therefore, the childhood of Cristiano Ronaldo was the miserable days of poverty, the whippings of his disgruntled father. But contrary to the impotent surrender of the father’s time, adversity molded a tough Ronaldo. The boy protested with a very instinctive ego, but the instinct of a great personality. There was a time when Cristiano threw a chair straight at the teacher, just because he brought up Ronaldo’s poor background as a subject of ridicule for the whole class.


Born and raised with a father who was possessed by ghosts, but in fact Ronaldo has never held a grudge against Mr. Aveiro. In 2005, when he discovered that his father had liver disease, an inevitable result after decades of living in alcohol, Ronaldo rented a helicopter to transport his father to England for treatment, but it was too late. But Mr Aveiro, in his moments of sobriety, always believed his son would eventually become “the best player in the world” , as his fighting mate Alberto Martins recalls.

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At the age of 20, Cristiano Ronaldo lost his father. Before that, in 2003, Ronaldo threw himself into a challenging adventure in England, in the colors of the great Manchester United club. Extraordinary will and energy are Ronaldo’s strong points. And it quickly convinced the genius Sir Alex Ferguson, that this boy would one day stand at the top of the shining world. What happened after that, to this day, is an epic story. Ronaldo walks on a path full of hardships but no less sparkling aura.

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Ronaldo was always aware that he was once the son of a drunk father. Therefore, after years of “engaging in battle and love” of youth, CR7 realized that what he needed to improve was not his football talent, but his personality. Because, now he is a fa ther of 4 children.


Last night of Turin 4/4, people witnessed a complete Cristiano Ronaldo in both talent and personality: After a one-on-one bicycle kick against Buffon, Ronaldo bowed to the applause. hands from all sides of the Allianz stands. It is an act of a father that every child can be proud of!


After decades of relentless competition with his great rival Lionel Messi, it’s time for Cristiano Ronaldo to realize that football is just football after all, and football is just a part of life. Many times won the championship, from the first titles with MU, sublimation at Real Madrid or the most noble titles like EURO 2016, but there is one detail that makes Ronaldo remember forever.


Magical Cardiff night on June 3, 2017, Real Madrid beat Juventus 4-1 in the Champions League final. A brilliant show of Ronaldo, 2 goals in the 20th and 64th minutes helped “White Vultures” become the first team to successfully defend this most noble title.



At that time, the boy Ronaldo Junior, the son Ronaldo loved so much, ran to him and hugged him. He was embarrassed, his eyes shining with happiness, just like when he received the Golden Ball award with his father. Watching him play next to his son Marcelo, Cristiano Ronaldo knew that he was willing to exchange 5 Golden Balls, 4 Champions League silver trophies, the EURO 2016 championship and dozens of other big and small titles, just for one. son’s smile. It is a father Cristiano Ronaldo, next to the talented superstar Cristiano Ronaldo that we still know.

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Also because of that great motivation, Ronaldo plays better. When CR7 is no longer burdened with winning and losing, putting aside the fields of loss and loss to play football with personal passion and the happiness of a father, people see the calmness of a genius.

This 2017/18 season is an example. Faced with a lot of criticism in the early part of the season, but the more Cristiano plays, the better. The most quintessential things he revealed brilliantly in the Champions League: 15 goals, including great masterpieces such as the bicycle kick that tore through Juventus in Turin… That’s a great and true proof. best for the superstar bravery, for the responsibility of the great father Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Along with that genius father, Real Madrid is still aiming for dazzling successes, such as the Champions League hat-trick. And most of all, the 2018 World Cup could be Ronaldo’s last World Cup. He is not only the pride of his children, but also the pride of Portuguese football. The greatest mathematician and philosopher of all time, Archimedes of ancient Greece, once said, “Give me a fulcrum, I can lift the whole world” . With the fulcrum named Cristiano Ronaldo, the football world is raised to a new level.

Superstar profile Full name: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro Year of birth: 5/2/1985 Height: 1m87 Sporting Lisbon titles : 1 Portuguese Super Cup MU: 3 Premier League, 1 FA Cup, 1 Super Cup English Cup, 1 Champions League, 1 FIFA World Cup Club Real Madrid: 2 La Liga, 3 Champions League, 2 King’s Cup, 2 Spanish Super Cup, 2 European Super Cup, 3 FIFA Club World Cup Portugal National Team : EURO 2016 Records * Club/Individual – Ballon d’Or: 5 (equal to Messi) – The Best (FIFA): 5 (equal to Messi) – Won many Champions League titles: 4 times (equal to Iniesta and Seedorf) – Scored the most goals in Club European Cups: 122 goals – Most goals scored in Champions League: 120 goals – Most goals scored in a Champions League season: 17 goals (2013/2014 season) * National team – Number of caps for Portugal Most Spain: 149 – Most goals for Portugal: 81 – Only player to score in 4 EURO finals – Player with most EURO finals goals: 9 (equal to Michel Platini)
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