Ronaldo is said to have traded supercars just for the phone number of a strange girl.


The Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo was recently exposed about trading the luxurious Porsche convertible that the masses coveted just for the phone number of a strange girl to date.

Ronaldo trades a supercar just for a stranger's phone number

Cristiano Ronaldo previously had a list of lovers with dozens of pink balls. But what no one expected is that the striker currently wearing Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia once exchanged a supercar just to get a strange girl’s phone number.

Rod Thornley , a former MU masseur recently revealed an unusual exchange with Ronaldo during his time with the Red Devils in March 2009.

“It was the night before a game. Ronaldo lay on the bed for me to do the massages. Suddenly, he was staring intently at a girl who appeared in a scene on X-Factor, the TV reality music competition. Ronaldo asked me: “Who is this girl?”. I said to Ronaldo it was singer Dannii Minogue ,” Rod recalls, “He immediately asked if I could give her her number.”

                                                                                                                   Rod has just revealed the hidden corner of Ronaldo

Although he is just a masseuse at MU, in return, Rod has many friends who know the showbiz world in the UK. As a result, Rod quickly got Dannii Minogue’s number on his phone. Thanks to that CR7 got acquainted and dated Danni.

Just a few months later, CR7 asked Rod for the phone number of Kimberly Wyatt, another singer who appeared on the show X-Factor. At Rod’s hesitation, Ronaldo immediately said: “Do you want my car? I have a pretty good Porsche Carrera convertible. When I go to Real Madrid, I will leave my car for half the price. I agreed immediately and then I gave him Kimberly’s number.”

Ronaldo kept the deal and when he moved to Real Madrid he left Rod the car for £30,000, half its value. After just one day, Rod sold it for £60,000.

Thus, Rod made a delicious £30,000 in just 24 hours from finding a strange girl’s phone number for Ronaldo.


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