5 horrifying facts about the Great Wall of China


– Here are many surprising facts related to the world-famous Great Wall of China that you may not know.

5 amazing facts about the Great Wall - Photo 1.

During its more than 2,000 years of existence, this wall bears many different names, the most popular being the Fortress Barrier, the Purple Frontier, the Crown, and finally the Great Wall…

5 amazing facts about the Great Wall - Photo 2.

At the highest point of the building, the highest wall reaches 7.9 meters.

5 amazing facts about the Great Wall - Photo 3.

It is said that up to 800,000 people participated in the construction of the Great Wall.

5 amazing facts about the Great Wall - Photo 4.

Although the Great Wall can be seen from space, you cannot see it from the Moon, because the distance is too great.

5 amazing facts about the Great Wall - Photo 5.

This structure is also considered to be the longest cemetery in the world, as it is possible that hundreds of thousands of people died during its construction, according to many stories.


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