The admirable friendship of Messi and Aguero: Knowing each other since childhood, full of bitterness and glory


Succeeding with the Argentina team to win the World Cup 2022, Lionel Messi is one of the most mentioned phrases in recent days.


If Messi is a football legend at Barcelona and PSG, Aguero also has impressive achievements when playing for Barcelona and Man City. Both have competed for the same colors since their youth, shared the same room when competing internationally for many years and are true confidants.

On the football field is a pair of identical cards, off the field is a close brother. Although the two personalities are described by Aguero as completely different, during nearly two decades of being together, they have never been alone, whether tragic or glorious.

Encounter since childhood

The two met when they were just 16-17 years old boys

“We were all together, the same age as me. We all sat around the table Garay, Leo, Formica and I. Leo sat across from me. Then I whispered to him ‘name’ what are you?’ and he said ‘Lionel’, ‘What’s your last name?’, ‘Messi’. The other two looked at me and said ‘Don’t you know who that is?’”.

After meeting briefly, the two just happened to follow each other’s careers through TV matches, until they both became notable young talents and were called up to the Argentina U20 youth team. They are of the same age and have quite similar looks, so since that time, these two stars have been paired in the same room and have been soulmates ever since.

They always respect each other even though their personalities are somewhat opposite

Friendship forged through tragedy

Like love, stories about friendship are met with “storms” Messi and Aguero have experienced the darkest sad story of their lives.


The perfect couple on the Argentina team overcome many ups and downs together

After word of the incident reached members of the coaching staff, they attempted to cut off the hotel’s Wi-Fi as a measure to protect the striker from catching the sad news before anyone informed him. tactfully.


Overcoming many ups and downs together on the field and in life, although their lives have changed a lot, their close friendship is still an indelible thing between the two.

Off the field, since they were two boys who only knew about football, they are now family men and have an infinite bond when their first child Benjamin Aguero is adopted by his best friend Messi as a godfather.

Messi took a photo with his son Aguero and the gift Aguero gave Messi’s first son

From a player perspective, both are brilliant in the club shirt with many big and small titles and are always at the top of the list of the greatest strikers of the 21st century. In the national team shirt, both are are great strikers when they have all surpassed the legendary Diego Maradona in the number of goals scored in the international arena.

At the 2022 World Cup, Messi became the “leading” to bring Agentina to the championship after 36 years of waiting. As for Aguero, although unfortunately had to retire from his career due to being diagnosed with heart diseɑse, he is still a fulcrum beside Messi, still the one who is given the privilege of “sleeping in the same room” with his close friend at night. before the final and is still the one who is ready to “create” a legendary moment for his close brother.

Aguero carries Messi on his shoulder to celebrate a memorable victory at the 2022 World Cup


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