The shimmering moments of Messi’s family were revealed for the first time


The Barca striker enjoys happy and peaceful moments with his girlfriend Antonella and two little angels.

Messi has both Facebook and Instagram but he rarely shares photos and information about his personal life. In return for recent times, the longtime lover of the Argentine striker, Antonella, works hard to post private photos, most of which are sweet moments of Messi and his children. The photo of the best player in the world 2015 with two hands, Thiago and Mateo appeared on Antonella’s Instagram, attracting the attention of Messi fans.

‘They are my life,’ Antonella captioned an old family photo while she was still pregnant with baby Mateo. After leaving the pitch, all of Messi’s free time is spent in his small home, not partying or playing like many of his colleagues.

The happy family of the Argentine striker during Christmas and New Year. Messi does not post family photos on his personal page, but does not prohibit Antonella from sharing sweet moments of the two of them and their children.

On Valentine’s Day, the fans of the Barca superstar went crazy with the passionate kiss of Messi and Antonella. The couple have known each other since childhood and have been together for nearly 10 years.


With a simple and humble personality, Messi’s love story is also smooth, without scandal. Antonella is also the type of woman in the family who doesn’t like noise. The two-child beauty has a small, well-balanced body, taking care of her appearance more and more than when she first dated the Barca striker.

The family of the best player in the world 2015 on a trip to the beach when young Thiago was young. Thiago is now three and a half years old and his brother Mateo is over six months old.

Antonella and his son wore Barca shirts with Messi’s number and name to cheer him on.

Romantic moment, lovely couple in the garden. Antonella once revealed that Messi’s only hobby is football, not interested in fashion, phones or technology. In his spare time, the 28-year-old striker either plays with his two children, dogs, or plays video games with friends and rarely leaves the house.


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