PHOTO GALLERY: Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates are excited in practice to prepare for the next match


Don’t skip leg day! Cristiano Ronaldo and his team begin their preparations





Cristiano Ronaldo’s former teammate and a top player for Real Madrid paid $5,000 to have an ex-girlfriend removed off a reality show.

The ups and downs that Jese Rodriguez has experienced throughout his career as a football player are nothing compared to the roller coaster ride that is his marriage at the present time.

The forward, who is now 30 years old and has previously represented Spain at the junior level, signed with Real Madrid in 2011 and spent the subsequent four years at the Bernabeu, where he played with players such as Cristiano Ronaldo. In spite of the fact that he had just a limited amount of playing time, he was able to leave for PSG in 2016 with two Champions League winners medals, as well as the La Liga, Copa del Rey, and FIFA Club World Cup championships.However, his notoriety is not restricted to his accomplishments on the football field. The controversy that has surrounded his wedding to Aurah Ruiz has received a much greater amount of attention than his abilities as a winger.

In 2017, two months after the birth of their child, the pair decided to end their relationship and the Spanish model filed a lawsuit against the singer for claimed abuse of a father role. In retaliation, the former loanee from Stoke City club launched a countersuit for defamation of character.And when Ruiz debuted on the Spanish version of Big Brother and became a national celebrity, their decades-long animosity took a peculiar turn for the surreal. Jese, who was furious with her behavior, was eager to put an end to it, so she paid the nearly €5,000 in voting expenses to have her expelled from the organization.


In the end, the plan turned out to be effective. Aurah was eliminated by the public vote after surviving the first eight eliminations, as was to be expected. After that, she and her former partner were able to patch things up and move on with their lives.In spite of accusations that Aura had attempted to run over the now 30-year-old, the two were eventually able to make up with one another and move on with their lives. Despite this, Jese proposed to her the previous year, and they have since wed and become husband and wife.

Although the assailant most likely does not require any additional drama in his private life, he could benefit from some excitement in his professional football career. During the second half of the previous season, he was a member of the Sampdoria team that competed in Serie A. However, he only appeared in 11 games within the league and scored once.

Since that time, the Italian club that he previously played for has cut him loose, and he is currently without a team. After a period of five months, the Turkish Super Lig player Ankaragcu terminated his contract.


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