Explore inside Dwayne Johnson’s $65 million “flying mansion”


The actor of the action movie “Too fast, too dangerous” seems to be a speed addict in real life. He says his newly purchased plane is “the fastest in the world”…

Not only fast, the functions such as bed, kitchen, bar, bathroom, relaxing sofa with TV screen and 5-6 star standard living room … are equipped with customization to make the owner of the plane This feels like being in a mansion traveling through the clouds.

Gulfstream G650 is equipped with two Rolls-Royce engines combined with huge anti-slip brakes for the shortest landing distance. It can fly a distance of nearly 13,000 km per refueling. Not only famous for its ability to fly fast and far, Gulfstream G650 is also known as the aircraft model with the best fuel consumption and emissions in the aviation industry.

With smart designs, Gulfstream G650 can accommodate 18 passengers and 4 crew members. Business Insider reports that with the maximum take-off load, the Gulfstream G650 can reach an altitude of 12,500m in just 22 minutes. This is the altitude above bad weather and out of dense commercial aircraft.

In addition, this aircraft is also equipped with many of the most modern entertainment equipment including high-speed Wifi transmitter, 3D radar, capacitive touch screen to serve the needs of entertainment and work. Gulfstream has a laboratory dedicated to acoustics research, which contributes to a quiet atmosphere on its aircraft models, especially on the G650. According to Gulfstream, the cabin of the machine can reduce pressure when flying high, so that passengers only feel at an altitude of 1,500m while the plane has reached an altitude of 15,000m.

Learn about Dwayne Johnson's $65 million "flying mansion" - Photo 1
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Although it has only been officially put into operation for about a decade, the G650 model and its version have been manufactured by Gulfstream to more than 300 units. From Jeff Bezos – Amazon boss to technology mogul Elon Musk; From the legendary inventor Steve Jobs to the investor Mark Cuban – a “shark” of the American Shark Tank program … each owned at least one Gulfstream jet.


The demand for the Gulfstream G650 jet – the largest and most expensive civil aircraft today, is so great that the owners of these superjets have begun to think about transferring it to profit. In some transactions, the sellers made a profit of between $5 million and $7 million per sale. However, the famous plane maker said it did not know the details of these transfers.

“If our customers actually make a profit from these acquisitions, it will further demonstrate the incredible capabilities of the G650,” said a Gulfstream manufacturer. “The real problem for the airline is that customers are trying to sell planes even though they haven’t delivered them yet.”

Gulfstream G650 là sample máy fly có level of absorption and ecirc;n material và khí best waste in ngàcôindustry hàngông.
Gulfstream G650 is the aircraft model with the best fuel consumption and emissions in the aviation industry.

According to Gulfstream, customers will not be able to resell until the plane has been delivered to them. This is to avoid speculation, a phenomenon that is not good for the market. The company also included in the contract a clause that did not allow the owners of these planes to be transferred for a certain period of time, after signing the contract. Some customers have tried to circumvent this provision by purchasing planes under the name of a new airline, and then selling them to someone else to transfer ownership as a business deal.


However, the brokers also said that Gulfstream is aware of this trick and is asking the person signing the contract to be the final consignee. “They’re really doing their best to prevent such transfers,” said Jay Duckson, a representative for Central Business Jets.

Like other billionaires and Hollywood stars, with a dense work schedule, the Fast & Furious actor   decided to spend a large amount of money to buy a private jet to meet his travel needs. For $65 million, this cult actor said his “flying mansion” if flying from London with the maximum instantaneous speed vector, it can fly non-stop to New York and Beijing. At slower speeds and more fuel economy, it can fly nonstop to Buenos Aires and Los Angeles.

Learn about Dwayne Johnson's $65 million "flying mansion" - Photo 5
Learn about Dwayne Johnson's $65 million "flying mansion" - Photo 6
Learn about Dwayne Johnson's $65 million "flying mansion" - Photo 7
Learn about Dwayne Johnson's $65 million "flying mansion" - Photo 8

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s net worth is currently $800 million. In addition, The Rock owns a mansion in Miami, a large farm in Virginia. In 2018, he was the actor with the highest one-year income ever in this magazine’s 20-year history. At the end of 2019, he spent 9.3 million USD to buy a giant mansion near Atlanta, Georgia. The new campus has eight bedrooms, a wine cellar and a swimming pool. The A-list star is also a brand representative, advertising for brands from clothing, energy drinks, soccer tournaments and alcohol. The Rock is also interested and loves real estate investment.

Recently, according to the announcement from Forbes magazine, The Rock was the highest paid actor in the world in the past year with 89.4 million USD. And with nearly 100 million USD earned in a year, many people wonder what this superstar spends his money on. In fact, in addition to airplanes, the actor also owns many supercars worth millions of dollars. His car collection includes a $1.3 million Pagani Huayra (only 100 cars are made in the world), a limited edition Ferrari LaFerrari priced at $1.5 million, and a Rolls Royce Wraith close to $500,000.

“I don’t have a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Harvard University, but my business philosophy and acumen have been honed over time and through failures,” The Rock once confided. When I wrestled in flea markets for 40 USD (926,000 VND) per match to this day, my goal has remained the same – always put the audience first.


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