Lionel Messi: One injection a day, the family is separated and the price is very expensive on the top of the world


Years after Messi decided to go to Europe, father Jorge admitted that if he had to make the decision again, if he could change the old story, he would never let his family. have to part…

Lionel Messi will be at home watching the draw for the World Cup final this weekend. He is recovering from a muscle injury he suffered in November.

It’s a special type of injury that affects players who are quick and agile, often having to make acceleration and explosive phases at decisive moments. When muscle endurance reaches its limit, injury occurs. It robs the stars of magical moments. Messi, like every other player, needs time to recover.

That’s why the Argentine genius decided to return to his homeland to rest with family and friends. Here, Messi will find his inherent strength, will recover to be ready for the most important train of his life next summer: the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

World Cup: Life’s obsession

When he was at the peak of his career with a series of titles (4 Golden Balls, 3 Champions League and 6 Liga), Leo suddenly had to stop at the wrong time. The opening day of the World Cup is approaching. Like Diego Maradona, Messi’s “flea” also carries the hope of an entire country.

In 1986, the genius Maradona almost single-handedly led Argentina to the world championship. That journey helped him be recognized as the best player in history. A similar glory in Brazil would bring it to Messi.

Messi is obsessed with the World Cup – Photo: Getty

If Messi loses the battle, criticism will arise again, from his own homeland. Before that, many people denied Messi’s position in the history of tango football, in the ranks of the most outstanding stars in Argentina.

Although Pep Guardiola and many other coaches and players always think of Messi as one of the greatest players in history, his hometown still does not think so. If Messi can’t win a world championship before retiring, he will also sink into a feeling of helplessness. Number 10 will feel that he has done wrong to the nation, has disappointed family, friends and himself.

Lack of hormones, one injection every night for 3 years

But Messi is no stranger to adversity. Possessing a natural genius, Messi soon had to battle with growth hormone deficiency since he was a boy. He had to leave his family at a young age, soon faced challenges in Europe, and paid a lot to grow up like a normal child.

“When I was 11 years old, they found out that I was deficient in growth hormone. I started receiving treatment to grow normally. Every night, I had to have an injection in my leg, night after night, every day of the week. That went on for three years.”

“I was very small. People say that when I enter the yard, when I go to school. I have always been the youngest child. It was like that until I finished the treatment and started to develop normally.”

Childhood Messi – Photo: GABRIEL PICO

The treatment is very effective, but it costs too much, about 1500 USD/month, far beyond the ability of Messi’s family to pay. Social welfare helped his family partly, but it only lasted for 2 years.

Mr. Jorge Messi, Leo’s father, has no choice but to look to Newell’s Old Boys Club, a local team that is very interested in Messi. “They said ‘we’ll pay for the treatment, don’t worry’,” says Jorge. But everything is like begging. They only gave me 300 pesos (over 22 USD) and nothing more. If they pay, of course he has to stay at Newell’s.”

Messi’s former team-mate, Gerardo Grighini, said: “He injected drugs as if it were completely normal. What has made him achieve his current success is his talent and belief in himself. Leo knows what he has to do to become a professional player.”

“Week after week, before going to bed, 7 days on one leg, the next 7 days on the other. He did it very naturally.”

Grighini continued: “I don’t think any 10- or 11-year-old boy can possess enough willpower to say ‘I’m going to do this because it’s good for my future…’. But Messi knows it will help his dream a lot.”

Smaller but faster, more skillful

Messi himself is also optimistic: “I think being smaller than others helps me move faster. It helps when you’re playing football.”

Adrian Coria, a former coach at Newell’s and now a member of Barcelona’s technical committee, shares a similar view: “We may not be aware of this. But in a way, being smaller is also an advantage. You can control the ball better, you react faster and have more speed than the rest.”

Of course, there are still many people who question the use of growth hormone for a 10-year-old child. The doctor who treated Messi, Diego Schwarsztein, explained: “Is it doping? Growth hormone is used as a supplement for adults (much like medication). They give them an edge in sports.”

Smallest but fastest, smartest – Photo: Getty

“But you have to see the difference between them. Adult growth hormone treatments are used by people who don’t really need them but are just looking for physical advantages. They take high doses and can cause negative effects. This is a treatment for a child who lacks physical development.”

But why spend so much time, effort and money on a 10-year-old? Messi’s former coach at Newell’s, Gabriel Digeralamo, explained: “The technique he possesses is unlike any I have ever known. Once I saw him kick a libero. What surprises me is that he seems to have been playing in that position f or years.”


“The Newell’s director told me to put on some pitching before the game or during the break. When we go to Mar del Plata, or other places, before the game, he gets to perform. And people started throwing money at Leo.”


“For 15 minutes, he never let the ball touch the ground. People came around and started throwing coins at Leo. In Peru, I think he had to bounce the ball 1200 times. He’s only nine years old.”

“There was a time when he did five tackles over the head in a row against another player. The other guy threw Leo on the ground and started grabbing his leg. Leo is only 1.4m tall and the other guy is 1.7m tall. That’s how he enjoys playing football. Leo didn’t do it to show off… no, no, no. He never did that. Never.”

Another Newell coach, Quique Dominguez, recalls: “We have an example of the greatest icon of the past – Diego (Maradona), who was ravaged by alcohol, partying, an ego. big and protracted disagreements… Leo wasn’t one of them. For Leo, the ball is like a part of his body.”

Messi’s former teammate, Juan Juan Leguizamon, recalls old memories. He confirmed to Messi, Newell’s youth team was almost unbeatable: “In the final of a tournament, I remember that if we won the championship, we would have a new bike. The team started the game without Messi, he was not present. We ended the first half with a 0-1 lead. Then Leo came. He was locked in his bathroom and had to break the glass door from the inside to get out. We finished the game 3-1 thanks to three Leo goals.”

Tough decisions and first days in Barcelona

But things are not simple for boy Leo. Financial difficulties are increasing while Messi is growing more and more every day. His physical problems needed to be addressed immediately. The long-term solution is to cross 10,000 kilometers across the ocean. There, Barca are waiting for the same offer.

This is probably the most important step to help Messi become the number one superstar in the football world.

But the price to pay is extremely high. From that moment on, the Messi family was never really together.

Six months after the fateful adventure to Barcelona was a very challenging time. Boy Leo, almost 13 years old, has to make a decision that will affect not only himself, but his entire family.

Messi and his family as an adult – Photo: Getty

Two injuries occurred during that period and the difficulties in the transition caused Messi to be almost unable to play. Things got worse because Messi’s family struggled to adjust to a new life. Remember that family has a 6-year-old daughter. They decided to sit down and discuss. Only one question appeared and only one person was answered at that time. That’s Messi. The question is “What will happen? Shall we stay or go?”

Messi’s answer will shape his and his family’s future. Above all, it determines the happiness of the rest of the members.

Jorge Messi recalls: “I asked Leo what he wanted because the decision was his. If he wants to go back to Argentina, we will go with him.”

Leo looked at me and said: “No, I want to stay, I want to play in Barcelona, ​​I want to play in the first division for Barcelona.”

Jorge continued: “It was his decision. No one can shake it. That’s why I stayed with it.”

Messi’s family separated from here. Mr. Jorge stayed, Mrs. Celia Messi returned to Rosario with the remaining 3 brothers in Messi’s family. Until now, Celia still lives in Argentina and Jorge lives mainly in Spain. Years later, Jorge admits that if he had to make the decision again, if he could change the story, he would never have let his family separate.

After leaving behind family problems, Messi’s life in Barcelona is still difficult. Contracts began to become a new issue for Leo. Leo’s agent told Messi’s family that he would receive 100 million peseras a year and that his father would get a job. The first part of the promise never came true. The second part took a month to be confirmed. Since then, Jorge has been not only Leo’s father but also his manager.

A follow-up agreement was agreed on December 5, 2001, nine months after the first contract was signed. 14-year-old Leo will receive the equivalent of a player in the Barcelona B squad while his father receives a sum of money to repair the apartment – a clever form of compensation for the club.

The rest of the story has become legendary.

At the age of 12, many boys pursuing their dreams of professional football were unable to become footballers. They fail for a lot of different reasons. Leo is one of the rare names that are lucky to succeed.

The desire to pursue the dream has helped Messi create a career. Family is his support. The football world needs to thank those two great efforts. Because of that, we have a genius.


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