Close-up of tiny frogs that can kill 10 people


Possessing the most terrifying venom in the world, the golden dart poison frog has been the terror of hundreds of large and small animals in South America.

Wearing a flashy, eye-catching appearance, the Golden Poison Frog is one of the most dangerous animals on the planet.

They usually live in groups of about 5-6 in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America, where there is high rainfall, humidity and high temperatures.

The Golden Dart Frog has the scientific name of Phyllobates Terribilis, belonging to the Poison Dart Frog family. But it’s worth mentioning:

This is a very small animal, the largest one is no more than 6cm long, they can fit in a human hand. But the poison that the golden dart possesses is extremely scary.

They are the species with the largest amount of venom in their family and in the world. The poison is secreted through their wet skin, seeps through the wound and pores, and causes pain, convulsions, paralysis and death.

More dangerous, this toxin has the ability to exist independently in the natural environment long after it has been isolated from the individual frog.

The venom of the golden dart can kill 10-20 adults or 2 adult male African elephants at once. It is from here that they get their name.

According to legend, the indigenous people of Colombia took the venom of this frog to poison the nose of blow darts, used when hunting or fighting.


Their poison is secreted through the outer skin, the purpose is to defend themselves or attack the enemies that are always stalking them.

In addition, the Golden Poison Frog possesses a very flashy, brilliant appearance as if to warn all predators that there will be no good results if touched.

According to an old document, taking poison to make darts is an extremely “terrible” process. Initially, the natives of Colombia would catch frogs in the forest, and keep them in a hollow tube.

When poison is needed, they will take a sharp wooden stick and press it down the throat or legs of the dart frog. This causes them to agitate and release poison, especially on the back, where the poison is so abundant that it can be covered with white foam.”

Ếch phi tiêu độc – The Poison Dart Frog

In the end, just dip the arrow into this toxic “liquid” and you will have a deadly weapon. A poisoned dart can be used for a year.

However, this frog is currently in danger of becoming extinct. Therefore, a reserve has been built to save this colorful amphibian.


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