The leopard’s attempt to save the impala and the malicious plot behind it

In the wild world, there is no place for so-called soft, submissive emotions.

The impala is an herbivore, with a slim body, extremely common in the savanna of Africa.

This is a herd animal and is active most of the day. Due to their large numbers, impala is the favorite prey of all carnivores in Africa such as lions, leopards, hyenas, crocodiles…

In addition to the large horn about 90 cm long, used mainly to intimidate (but does not seem to be very effective), an important skill for the impala to survive in the wild is the ability to jump long distances. .

This animal can overcome bushes and other obstacles by jumping 3 m high and successfully performing long jumps of more than 10 m. Usually, they jump over anything on the run.

It can be seen that nature has produced a beautiful animal with the ability to run and jump great, but unfortunately the main use of impala antelope is bait for carnivores.

In Africa, one of the most “notorious” predators must call the leopard. They are one of four species of big cats in the genus Panthera along with the lion, tiger, and jaguar. Despite its relatively modest size (about 2 m long and weighing from 30 – 90 kg when fully grown) compared to other big cats in the family, the leopard is gifted with agility. and the ability to climb very well.

A leopard at a healthy age can run more than 60 km/h, leap more than 6 m horizontally and jump 3 m high, can dive down to prey from a tree branch and it can also hide. in an amazing disguise.


Statistically, the leopard has the highest hunting success rate among its feline cousins.

Obviously, numbers don’t lie, based on the above data, the prairie lynx – an animal that often hunts smaller mammals, can hardly compete, let alone rival the leopards in the world. wild world.

But no one expected, one day the biggest enemy of the impala will have actions that make everyone feel confused.

That day, Nachi Mirkin was driving around in Kruger National Park, South Africa when he saw a young leopard looking interested in something on the grass.

It turned out that on the ground was a newborn impala. But what happened next made Mirkin experience all kinds of emotions. At first, the leopard repeatedly nudged the antelope, causing onlookers to believe that it was trying to help the poor animal get up. Looking more closely, Mr. Mirkin realized that this life is very harsh, not as rosy as he imagined. The young leopard was too inexperienced to know how to handle its prey. Therefore, the above actions are only its clumsy hunting. Then the young leopard decided to drag the impala into the bushes to settle in the dark.


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