Messi’s secret when he was in school. Now it’s time to reveal


Messi is shy and plays cards

Not a special student to the point of being expelled like Ronaldo, but Messi also has many bad memories when he was in school.

Messi is known to be gentle and shy in class.

Since childhood, Messi was a gentle, shy boy. Messi’s teacher in elementary school recalled: “Messi was so shy that he did not dare to talk to the girl sitting in the back. It was I who had to convey the boy’s words to the girl.”

That girl from childhood is Cintia Arellano, currently a teacher for poor students in Rosario. Remembering the gentle friend above, Cintia recounted: “During the test, he often kicked the chair, shoved a piece of paper into his hand so I could copy the answer.”

Although shy, Messi is very excited and enthusiastic about participating in school games, especially football. “The team that has Messi will definitely win,” Cintia revealed.

Also because of the love of the round ball, sometimes Messi also turns himself into a bad student because of truancy. Afraid to go to school, Messi finds every excuse to stay at home to play football. At the age of 13, while still a student at Las Heras elementary school, Messi made his mother Celia Cucctini angry because he dared to throw stones when she forced him to go to school.


“Messi plays football well but is afraid to go to school, he always finds a way to not have to go to school. Once he even used a stone to throw at me when he was forced to go to school,” Celia said.

Now, both those boys who love football and are lazy to study have become the two brightest stars on the planet. Each person has a path, and from a very young age, Messi and Ronaldo chose for themselves the path to pursue their passion. And in the end, they all succeeded.  


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