Ronaldo’s eldest son is 12 years old and earns 1.5 million dollars. But still his father won’t let him use his phone. Ronaldo is afraid he will be ‘obsessed with technology’


Find out the story of not allowed to use the phone of the son of Ronaldo’s family to see that, even though Ronaldo Jr is a celebrity who makes billions, in his father’s eyes, he is always just a child who needs to be protected.

For those who are passionate about football, it is impossible not to know football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Up to now, Cristiano Ronaldo is considered a “living legend” with the image of the number 7 shirt. As the first son of CR7, Cristiano Ronaldo Junior is expected to be the “golden legs” following his father’s career. However, Ronaldo Jr’s talent and ability to make money early did not allow him to use the phone.

Ronaldo's eldest son: 12 years old earns 30 billion but has no phone

Cristiano Ronaldo Junior is known to the world as the first son of football superstar CR7.

Specifically, Cristiano Ronaldo Junior, born in 2010, is the first son of male CR7 player. The boy Ronaldo Jr first made his public debut when his father led him to the podium to receive the Golden Ball award in 2015. From here, the boy Ronaldo Jr has grown up under millions of eyes watching from all over the world. gender.

Ronaldo's eldest son: 12 years old earns 30 billion but has no phone

The image of a boy and his father receiving the “Golden Ball” award in 2015 surprised the world.
Ronaldo's eldest son: 12 years old earns 30 billion but has no phone

It is known that CR7 father has educated his son very carefully and has rules.

Although CR7 does not orient his son to follow in the footsteps, it is obvious that when under the influence of his father who is the world’s top football player, Ronaldo Jr joined the football village and quickly revealed his outstanding talent. During the 2020 season, Ronaldo Jr scored a total of 58 goals in 23 matches. From here, the football world began to pay attention to the name Ronaldo Jr as a “potential football seed” instead of just Cristiano Ronaldo’s son as before.

Ronaldo's eldest son: 12 years old earns 30 billion but has no phone

Since childhood, Ronaldo Jr was taught by his father to play sports as well as exercise.

On the pitch, Ronaldo Jr shines with his assistive passes and professional ball handling and dribbling style. Thanks to that, the 12-year-old player was honored to win the Best Scorer award . In early 2022, Ronaldo Jr signed a contract with Manchester United club, opening a big turning point for his football career.

Ronaldo's eldest son: 12 years old earns 30 billion but has no phone

Talented and successful in his teens, Ronaldo Jr is understandable. According to Fame Ranker analysis, every year, son CR7 can bring in more than 363 thousand USD, equivalent to more than 8 billion VND. Thus, from the beginning until now, Ronaldo Jr’s assets can be up to 1.2 million USD, equivalent to more than 27 billion VND.


Ronaldo's eldest son: 12 years old earns 30 billion but has no phone

However, until now, although he is 12 years old, Ronaldo Jr has not been allowed to use a mobile phone by his father.

Although he is a rich person, he is a “rich kid”, but the boy Ronaldo Jr is constantly rejected by his father every time he makes a request ” Dad, I want a phone” . In an interview, Cristiano Ronaldo revealed that he did not allow his son to use a mobile phone because he did not want him to be “stuck in technology” when he was too young.

Ronaldo's eldest son: 12 years old earns 30 billion but has no phone

The 36-year-old male player thinks that his son is too young to be exposed to phones and technology.

Earlier in 2017, the careful father once refused to buy a phone for his son. He said he doesn’t want to spoil his children when everything they want is easy to get. The male player shared: “Junior asked me to buy a smartphone to call me. But I replied to him ‘don’t buy’ and said: If you want to call dad, you should go through grandma.” .

Ronaldo's eldest son: 12 years old earns 30 billion but has no phone

He wants his son to grow up right for his age.

For Cristiano Ronaldo, up to now, the age of 12 for boys is still too early to use phones and be exposed to technology and social networks. The male player said he did not want his son to grow up faster than his age just because of using a mobile phone. 

Ronaldo's eldest son: 12 years old earns 30 billion but has no phone

Currently, Ronaldo Jr is expected to be the “prospective seed” of world football.

It can be seen that the way to educate the children of male CR7 players is absolutely right, parents need to protect their children against factors that affect their children’s innocence. At the same time, when looking at today’s social reality, the use of technology by young children too early brings more problems than benefits.

Ronaldo's eldest son: 12 years old earns 30 billion but has no phone

The boy Ronaldo Jr is happy with the big family of Ronaldo.

Thus, with a talent like a “bright pearl” at the present time, the future of Ronaldo is expected to surpass his father’s achievements and become the second Ronaldo legend. Right now, the only thing Ronaldo Jr needs is time, both in proving his talent and in using the phone.

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