Cristiano Ronaldo’s list of once hot lovers will surely surprise you because there is one person who is a…

With a handsome appearance and a booming career, Cristiano Ronaldo is really a dream guy of many girls. However, in fact CR7 has the ability to flirt with girls very early and his number of girlfriends is even enough to form two football teams. Let’s admire the beauty of the girls that Ronaldo has conquered:
1. Karina Ferro (2002-2005)
Karina Ferro was CR7’s one-time lover when he was young
Before becoming famous, Ronaldo once secretly dated Portuguese model Karina Ferro . But like most other players, CR7 did not keep this relationship for long as his career progressed. 
Although Karina Ferro is just a not so famous model in Portugal…
… but Ronaldo is also hard to resist a hot body like this.
2. Jordana Jardel (2003)
She is also the younger sister of player Mario Jardel, who was CR7’s teammate at Sporting.
While playing for Sporting Lisbon, Ronaldo was introduced to Brazilian model Jordana Jardel by her own brother, Mario Jardel , a CR7 teammate . It was like a tenth assist and Ronaldo couldn’t miss this delicious opportunity.
The image of the two of you still hot
3. Soraia Chaves (2006)
Beautiful actress Soraia Chaves was born in 1982, 3 years older than Ronaldo.
Soraia Chaves is also a Portuguese model and actress. She is also well known for her role as Maria in the 2007 movie Call Girl. If Soraia knew how to keep her lover, perhaps the two of them would still be a worthy couple.
It is undeniable that CR7 has a very sharp eye.
Soraia is a famous actor in Portugal.
3. Merche Romero (2006)
The two of you used to have fun times together
Despite being photographed cuddling TV editor Merce Romero on the beach, Ronaldo still refuses to make this relationship public. The special thing is that this 1m76-high long leg is more than CR7 … 9 years old.
Many girls will be jealous of Ronaldo’s “old lady plane”.
A picture of Merce Romero in his youth
4. Gemma Storey (2007)
Are the lovers not enough to meet the needs of CR7?
Gemma Storey is a real prostitute and the target of this porn star is famous footballers. Storey has been open about everything she has with Ronaldo . Maybe the Portuguese striker does not care much because if it is true, it is just a “one-night stand”.
5. Gemma Atkinson (2007)
Lingerie model Gemma Atkinson became famous after dating Ronaldo.
Gemma Atkinson is not well known to many people, but since the public relationship with 
Ronaldo , the career of this actress and lingerie model has really flourished. While Ronaldo only considers it “normal”, Gemma Atkinson constantly praises the performance of “partner”. In 2007, Gemma Atkinson was ranked 23rd by FHM magazine among the 100 sexiest women on the planet.
Gemma was once in the top 100 sexiest women in the world voted by FHM men’s magazine
While playing at MU, Ronaldo was often seen with this beautiful model.
6. Tyese Cunningham (2007)
The list of Ronaldo’s lovers has many village girls.
Village girls and football stars often find each other. Tyese shared that she has served more than 200 customers and often remembers each one very well. There are rumors that not only Ronaldo but also his teammates like Nani or Anderson have also spent the night with Tyese .
7. Karina Bacchi (2007)
CR7 has a special hobby of flirting with older girls.
Also in 2007, Ronaldo dated Playboy model Karina Bacchi , who is of Brazilian and Italian blood. In 2009, it was reported that the couple reunited after a while of separation. The special thing is that Ronaldo is 9 years  younger than Bacchi .
Perhaps the age of the opponent is not the main problem of this striker.
as long as it’s really hot girls.
8. Bisapha Basu (2007)
Bipasha Basu’s Asian beauty captivated Ronaldo.
When Ronaldo began to become a world football icon, newspapers spent a lot of ink writing about the striker’s love goals. This time Ronaldo did not hesitate to use intimate gestures towards Hollywood movie star Bipasha Basu . At that time, this female star was being paired by the Indian press with actor John Abraham and the couple was likened to Brad and Angelina . It seems CR7 is not interested in the entertainment industry of this South Asian country.
However, in terms of sexy, Basu is no less than a lover of Ronaldo.
The two did not hesitate to give each other passionate kisses in the middle of a crowd.
9. Alyona Haynes (2008)
The radiant beauty of model Alyona Haynes
When news of the secret relationship between Ronaldo and Alyona Haynes broke out, it became known that the Ukrainian model is the wife of 50-year-old millionaire John Haynes . Curiosity increased when Alyona revealed a message from CR7 sent to her computer with the content that their story was like written by a 7-year-old child.
Ronaldo carelessly dated beautiful people without knowing that…
… Alyona Haynes is the wife of a middle-aged millionaire.
10. Niki Ghazian (2008)
Niki Ghazian is a model who often appears in FHM magazine.
Ronaldo is said to have an affair with this Iranian-American model after meeting her at a nightclub. Niki thinks CR7 is very skilled in that.
The girls all praised CR7’s ability to do that.
11. Nereida Gallardo (2008)
Many people thought that Ronaldo would marry model Nereida Gallardo.
Unlike most secret relationships with other girls, this time Ronaldo openly dated Spanish model Nereida Gallardo . During this time, the two always stick together on vacations as well as public appearances.
Two people often stick together like a picture with a shadow during their love life.
12. Letizia Filippi (2008)
Ronaldo added to the list of a beauty from Italy.
Cristiano was dating Italian model Letizia Filippi while still dating Nereida Gallardo . Although Nereida was very angry, she could not hold back the handsome and famous young pilot.
In fact, it was Letizia who took the initiative to get acquainted with CR7.

A girl who is not only beautiful but also very smart.

13. Mia Judaken (2008)
Unlike other girls, Mia completely denies ever having an affair with Ronaldo.
This girl is not a famous model or actress like the beauties who have been with CR7 . Although Mia was said to have dated Ronaldo , she later denied it all.
14. Gabriela Changes (2009)
Endringer has appeared on the cover of FHM magazine.
The 29-year-old female fitness athlete confirmed that she had a happy 6 weeks with Ronaldo . According to Endringer , Cristiano is always the “active” person in bed.
As a fitness athlete, Endringer’s body is extremely toned.

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