‘Bad Boys For Life’: Will Smith turns into a ‘bad boy’, facing death


Bad Boys For Life  surprised when it gathered two famous Hollywood actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in a dramatic, bloody adventure.

After the success of the super product Bad Boys II , the producer suddenly announced that part 3 would be released. However, after many delays in both the script and the budget due to Will Smith’s request for a terrible salary, the end was and Bad Boys For Life  also released earlier this year. Notably, the duo of famous characters are “revived” every year, including Mike Lowrey (played by Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (played by Martin Lawrence).
Bad Boys For Life follows the pair of identical songs Mike and Marcus after 20 years with the Miami Police Department (MPD). However, things quickly caught the audience by surprise when the two clashed and officially hit the odds when performing the task. This decision stems from a disagreement between two associates.
Will Smith is super cool with his partner in Bad Boys For Life. Photo: Columbia Pictures
While Will Smith’s character is always aggressive and searches for the identity of his killer, Marcus Burnett is extremely calm and almost wants to retreat to hide with his family. Refusing to give up and give up everything, Mike Lowrey is determined to set out to find the truth. From here comes a series of deadly dangers. “Destiny”, Marcus Burnett is forced to return to help his partner, collaborate with leader Rita (played by Paola Núñez) and many special characters through a suffocating journey of survival.

Will Smith is bruised, caught in a series of strange situations

Throughout the film’s rhythm, the work takes viewers on a dramatic adventure with the ingenious leadership of “genius” Will Smith. With the familiar motif of a revenged assassin, the film impresses when it comes to stringing past events and creating a divine plot twist with the male lead. Specifically, during the investigation, Mike Lowrey discovered a connection with the villain. This knot has pushed the detective mentality to the climax, thereby leading to a series of struggles to highlight the character’s value.

Will Smith is funny with his partner in every fight because of the lack of harmony

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Notably, continuing to promote the strengths from the previous two films, Bad Boys For Life impressed viewers with a series of eye-catching action sequences. The car chases, the horrible collisions on the large displacement vehicles, the explosive gunfights … have portrayed a criminal world full of instability in the country of chess. 
Through this, the combination of effects and music makes the film exciting and attractive. The pace of the film is in the direction of action, the speed makes the audience unable to take their eyes off. In particular, even at the age of 52, actor Will Smith still attracts viewers with his charisma and strong appearance. In the movie, he wears a series of tight leather outfits or dark uniforms showing off his muscles in confrontations.

Humorous and humane

Referring to the name Will Smith, in addition to action works, he is also famous as a comedian. In the film, the writer makes full use of the disagreement between the pair of partners, creating a lot of laughter. While Mike Lowrey follows the policy of “instant noodles” when performing the task, Marcus Burnett is slow and steady with a familiar persuasive style. The two’s out-of-phase displays lead to a series of funny situations, especially calming the movie’s rhythm at the climax.

Marcus Burnett is slow and slow again with a familiar persuasive style that puts both of them in a series of tragic situations

Photo: Columbia Pictures

However, the film also leaves memorable moments when it delves into the family relationship of detective Marcus. Memories of family always exist inside the character, especially in times of extreme tension before the enemy. Home is like a quiet but shining message amidst a series of noisy fights throughout the film. In particular, the relationship “in birth to death” of both makes viewers emotional. The work directs their friendship to a high value, with respect, sharing and empathy.
Bad Boys For Life   is directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, with the participation of many names: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Alexander Ludwig, Vanessa Hudgens, Joe Pantoliano…

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