Over the decades, the United States Air Force (USAF) has kept all investigations related to more than 12,000 UFO phenomena occurring between 1947-1969, in an extensive report. codenamed Green Book Project.

The birth of flying saucers

It was not until 2015 that this investigation was made public. To date, some of the strangest UFO incidents have been posted online, revealing mysterious objects in the sky that have shocked those who have witnessed it. The most famous case is the “Lubbock Beam” incident that 3 professors in Texas reflected on August 30, 1951. Together, they claim to have seen 20-30 lights in the sky.

The objects appear to be about the size of a saucer and have a green fluorescence. “They are smaller than the full moon on the horizon. About 15 such bright streaks, round … We all feel extremely strange “- a professor shared. However, the USAF concluded that the light appeared to be caused by a porcupine (whose breast feathers are white, possibly reflecting light from urban lights below). Of the more than 12,000 UFO cases presented for dissection in the Blue Book Project, the majority concluded “disappointment” as such. The USAF believes that most of the strange objects seen are stars, clouds, civilian aircraft or reconnaissance aircraft. However, 701 of them are still unexplained.

The Pentagon's Secret Program: The Strangest UFO Encounters - Photo 1.

New Zealand UFO photo titled “Winter 1951”. Many believe it to be a flying saucer, but the USAF thinks it’s just a lenticular cloud Photo: DAILY MAIL

Evaluating the aforementioned massive investigation, Nigel Watson – author of the “UFO investigations Manual” (about UFO investigations from 1892 to the present) – said that in many cases, amateur investigators trying to find an explanation without having time to consider or research. In particular, a particular case attracted Mr. Watson, which was the reflection of Kenneth Arnold’s strange object, an incident that can be called the beginning of the extremely popular term “flying s aucer” later. Mr. Arnold saw 9 UFOs on Mount Rainier (Washington State) on June 24, 1947. The US government agencies were particularly interested in this report.


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A similar scene appeared in Tulsa, Oklahoma just a month later, on July 12, 1947. “These objects fly in a diagonal line stretching about 8 km, from the first object to the last object, evaporating,” said Mr. Watson.

According to Arnold’s estimation, the above objects were traveling at more than 1,600 km/h from Mount Rainier to Mount Adams. It is “like a saucer if you let it slide across the water”.

Mr. Watson believes that the term flying saucer was born from describing the motion of a flying object rather than its appearance. From secret aircraft to simply birds flying in the sky have been proposed to try to explain the strange phenomena that are reflected, but, in fact, they are still a mystery.


In the 1940s and 1950s, the events of encountering flying saucers or even alien abductions in the United States, began to fill the newspapers of this country. However, according to Soviet ufologist and author Paul Stonehill, UFO encounters on the Soviet side at that time were far more direct than those of the US and any object flying over the Soviet Union would have attracted the attention of the military.

“The Soviets were shocked that so many UFOs were able to penetrate their borders and act on their own without the Kremlin knowing how to control,” Stonehill revealed on the Daily Star website. During the Cold War and the space race, Soviet forces frequently clashed with UFOs, once they were ordered to shoot down UFOs but failed.

This Is Not an Invasion of the Aliens”: How UFO Mania Went Mainstream | Vanity Fair

Mr. Stonehill – whose research articles on UFOs have been translated into 11 languages ​​- said that when reports of strange phenomena appear in the press, the Kremlin often interprets them as hoaxes. of the Western powers. However, a secret research program called SETKA (Iron Grid) was established in 1977 at the behest of then-President of the USSR Council of Ministers Alexei Kosygin, after the famous Petrozavodsk affair, during 48 UFOs appeared in the sky over the city in this Republic of Karelia (then in the Soviet Union).

The purpose of SETKA is to identify UFOs as authorities have begun to acknowledge these flying objects may not belong to Earth. According to Mr. Stonehill, most of the files of this sensitive program remain secret. In total, more than 400 unusual mysterious cases, encounters with UFOs or aliens, were studied. The show also changed its name several times to distract the curious.

Fierce encounter

Through conversations with military intelligence personnel, government officials and Soviet-era scientists, Mr. Stonehill said the most intense encounter between UFOs and Soviet forces occurred in 1953, shortly after leader Joseph Stalin died.

A large UFO appeared in the sky over the Taiga region in Siberia. At first, eyewitnesses thought it was a balloon. Soviet military commanders at that time sent a detachment to the scene. However, when trying to attack the foreign object, 3 of the detachment’s planes caught fire. Later, throughout the 1960s, Soviet forces had to comply with a limited order to shoot UFOs because authorities believed that the objects would fight back and destroy any unit that fired. into them. However, in some cases, the UFO side made the move first!

In 1990, the legendary Soviet test pilot Marina Popovich held a press conference at the Russian Consulate in San Francisco and published images of what she called an alien plane. The female pilot with the rank of colonel claimed to have seen photos of children of human-alien hybrids. At the same time, Ms. Popovich said that Russian cosmonauts have also encountered UFOs many times.