Pilot Jorge Arteaga captures clear footage of alien UFOs (video)


Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and extraterrestrial life have been the subject of an ongoing viral internet debate. While there is the sect of nerds that have all the “proof” to prove the existence of alien life on Earth, on the other side is the cynical bunch that refuses to feed into any theories on such topics.

UFO Spotted In Viral Video Shot By Pilot Jorge Arteaga Takes Internet By Storm

UFO Footage Caught By Pilot Jorge Arteaga




Recently, these two groups raised their voices when footage captured by pilot Jorge Arteaga surfaced online. The object flies past the plane at high speed, seemingly defying the laws of physics. The pilot managed to capture the UFO in surprisingly clear footage.

Barstool Sports on Twitter: "Colombian Model Took The Most Clear UFO Footage We've Ever Seen https://t.co/Pn6aQ6BfZG https://t.co/jhHed6U3Nt" / Twitter

In the video, recorded by the Columbian pilot, a large silver disc-shaped object is seen flying past his airplane high up in the sky.


The video was posted on social media a few days ago and has since been viewed by millions of people. While posting the video, Arteaga allegedly claimed that he caught a glimpse of a UFO while flying over Antioquia, Columbia.

People online are regarding the video as the “best UFO footage ever.” However, there are, of course, those who do not believe in the supposed UFO sighting.

After seeing the footage, one user was reminded of the Bob Lazar documentary: “Watching this short clip reminded me of the documentary on Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers.”

Best UFO Footage Captured? Colombia Model Valentina Rueda Velez Claims To Have Recorded Crystal Clear Video of 'Alien Spacecraft' Flying Past Her Private Airplane | 👍 LatestLY

Another thought it was just a balloon floating in the air, “It’s a balloon and it’s not even moving. It’s just an illusion from being in a vehicle (this case a plane) moving towards and then away from an object.”


One believed it was a Navy drone, “That’s a freaking Navy Drone. We have photos of them on Carriers. They went through a lot of testing, and we’ve got photos of that too.”

One simply cracked a Star Wars joke, “I’m pretty sure that’s a Mandalorian.”

A lot of the people in the comments believed that the object was nothing but an unattached Mylar balloon.

For those wondering what mylar balloons are, you might be more familiar with the object that you are aware of. These balloons are made from a thin, flexible material called Mylar. They have a metallic coating that reflects light and gives the balloon a shiny appearance. Often filled with helium, these balloons are the ones people use at their birthday parties to add a bit of sparkly and life to a room. The festive balloons are often spotted stranded in the air with no way back to the ground.

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