A team of Egyptologists Unearth the largest set of mummification tools ever found more than 2,500 years ago for mummification at the Abusir cemetery (video)

A team of Egyptologists have found tools used more than 2,500 years ago for mummification at the Abusir cemetery, near Cairo.
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Newly unearthed tool jars and embalming materials. (Source: CNN)

According to the Czech Institute of Egyptology at Charles University of the Czech Republic, which has been excavating the  ancient cemetery  of Abusir for more than three decades, the newly found tool set includes 370 ceramic vases and several vases. less. During the excavation of the area, they have found a number of large tombs and believe that many more remains have yet to be discovered.

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Some ancient vases were found to contain various tools or remains of various materials, used in the mummification process. Archaeologists   also found round jars, which were used by the Egyptians to store the organs of the deceased and were often left next to their owners . However, the jars were found empty and unused.

Jiří Janák, a lecturer at the Czech Institute of Egyptology, added: “It is possible that they are just symbolic vessels, used to protect the ritual of the embalming workshop. We can’t confirm this yet, at least until the excavation is done.”

The above vessels, though empty, are inscribed, indicating that they were in the possession of a Wahibre-mery-Neith, whose name means “King beloved of the goddess Neith”.

In ancient Egyptian beliefs, Neith was the goddess of war and hunting.

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The archaeological team discovered the vases while conducting excavations in the ancient cemetery of Abusir. (Source: CNN)

This is confusing to the team of researchers, as several Egyptian kings who lived during this period bear the title, but there is no evidence that they were the owners of these vessels.

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Previously, in 2006, the research team discovered a storehouse of embalming substances in the tomb of General Menekhibnekau. It contains a number of labeled vases that indicate when a particular substance such as oil, a perfume used to wrap the body, resin or cloth was used in the embalming process. The researchers hope that the new discovery could lead to a deeper understanding of the mummification process.

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The scientists now plan to conduct a more detailed scientific analysis of the jars they have just found, and their contents. They will also expand excavations  at  the site where the vases were found, in the hope of finding the tomb of the king who owned the  mummies  .


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