Wild African Wild Boar Crazy Attacks Lions Scared Hunters Away(video)



The leopard used its

superior strength and sharp teeth to bite the little boar. The pig did not know how to escape from the predator when its mother suddenly appeared. Using all her strength, the mother jalali delivered a great blow that forced the leopard to drop the pig’s razor-sharp teeth.

After the little pig escaped from the leopard’s clutches, he ran away with his mother. The leopard looked and was powerless.

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This impressive photo was taken by photographer Kooz Fourie during a trip to the Kruger National Park, South Africa. Kooz, 60, a South African national, said: “We saw three jackals running ahead. I decided to stop taking photos and aim my lens at the oldest one. When I pressed the button, I heard the little pig squeal. Then ʋi to a leopard grabbing a jƄalí ƄeƄé. The leopard is trying to kill the little pig.”



Kooz said that soon after, the mother jalali appeared from behind and slammed into the leopard, hitting the beast in the ribs. He even turned around one more time to force the leopard to let go of the little pig.

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Kooz said that he was happy to capture this magical moment. He said that he learned a great lesson from nature in the face of the sacred maternal love that animals have for their children.

The leopard “coƄardly” saw the two pigs run away.


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