Mysterious UFO discovered in a Brazilian village


A glowing orb was spotted hovering over a village in Rio de Janeiro. The incident caused a wave of social media sharing.

Detecting mysterious UFOs in a Brazilian village photo 1

Footage of a bizarre UFO hovering above a village near Rio de Janeiro earlier this month was released and sent social media into turmoil. Footage, believed to have been recorded on May 18, shows a glowing white sphere moving over a small village before it disappears. The video went viral just days after the alleged UFO crash in Mage, Brazil, and raised suspicions of a plot of a “cover-up”.

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The new UFO footage, shot by Beatriz Venturini, lasts about three minutes and has been viewed thousands of times just half an hour after it was posted online. Many viewers have linked this to the UFO sighting on the Mage, as previously there was also a video revealing a mysterious light crashing into a forest north of Rio de Janeiro. One viewer commented: “I saw a clip of something like this a few weeks ago. It fell into a valley and all of a sudden, this strange object also appeared in a nearby location. there.” Another commented that the incident was “definitely related” to the UFO crash in Brazil. However, one skeptic pointed out that this UFO “looks like the sun reflected on something shiny”.
The alleged UFO crash discovered in mid-May caused a global frenzy, after thousands of people claimed to have witnessed the event. The mysterious light has been captured in many videos from different angles and has even made #Mage trending on Twitter. These objects were discovered by people in four different towns of the metropolitan area across Rio de Janeiro.
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A witness named Andre Di Mauro tweeted: “There have been numerous reports of something falling into a lake. But it doesn’t appear to be a satellite.” UFO enthusiasts later shared a Google Maps link of the jungle in the Mage, sparking claims of a cover-up. Satellite images show an oddly shaped white patch among the green of a forested area north of Rio de Janeiro. Meanwhile, both the military council and the city stated there was “no indication” of an accident or unusual occurrence in the area.
Earlier this month, a mysterious bright ball was discovered hovering in the air above a secret US military space base. The bizarre UFO was recorded flying over the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in Colorado. The UFO is said to have made a mysterious rumbling sound as it hovered and moved across the sky.

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