The mystery of the 4000-year-old black cat guarding the pharaoh’s tomb inside the pyramid

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The mysterious pyramids have been studied by scientists for many years, but the unsolved mysteries about the pyramids have hardly decreased.

These unsolved mysteries also add a lot of mystery to the pyramid. Those who believe in science will also feel that the pyramid was never a simple existence, and that its secrets will not be easily solved.

The famous pyramids of Egypt were built about 4,700 years ago, and  the “Pyramid of the Moon ” discovered by archaeologists in Bosnia has a history of at least 12,000 years.

Many scientists have found that the material of the pyramid is similar to that of primitive concrete, but even modern concrete has a maximum lifespan of about 100 years.

If it’s man-made, how did the pyramids last so long and stay intact? If made of natural materials, how could huge and bulky rocks be able to raise tens of meters in height in ancient times when there were no lifting machines? If it is a synthetic material, then this is a building material that modern technology cannot synthesize, how did people do it thousands of years ago?

So people from all walks of life have made various speculations about the pyramid builders. Some say it’s an alien legacy, and human technology just hasn’t kept up. Even more bizarre is that an Egyptian archaeologist claims to have unearthed a pyramid-shaped tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

The mystery of the pyramid, I believe many people have understood somewhat, the legend of a thousand-year-old cat living in the pyramid has been circulated, and no one knows if it is true or not.

Back in 1990, in early spring, a team of ancient Egyptian archaeologists, led by Dr. Masu, excavated an ancient tomb 4,000 years ago, and discovered next to the tomb was a child. cats, taking them by surprise.

According to legend, this ancient tomb is actually the burial place of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Cheluboze IV, which was excavated at a depth of 27 meters below the Valley of the Kings, after a while, Dr. Masu and his assistants He went in with a lantern and found a stone coffin.

Dr. Masu was the first to enter with a lantern, and suddenly saw a living cat with two large yellow-green eyes, staring at Dr. Masu. There was nothing in the tomb except a stone coffin and the cat, large and strange, according to the expedition, most likely a long-extinct cat breed.

When the cat saw Dr. Masu, the cat immediately arched its back, hissed, and aggressively charged, biting his thigh with its sharp fangs. Dr. Masu’s assistants hurriedly caught it with a burlap and brought it to the laboratory. A few hours later, the cat was dead.

Of course, this story sounds so thrilling that it’s hard to believe it’s true. But if it is true, this cat is estimated to be 4,000 years old, and since then, the mysteries of ancient Egypt have also been rumored and exaggerated continuously to this day.

The ancient Egyptians were known to be particularly fond of cats, even creating the world’s first pet cemetery to set up graves for cats. In the worldview of the ancient Egyptians, cats carry a higher meaning than we think. The gods in the ancient Egyptian religion are often associated with images of animals such as falcons, scarabs, dogs … And cats are said to be the embodiment of goddess Mafdet and goddess Bastet in Egyptian religion.

Goddess Bastet is often depicted as a lion or a cat. The ancient Egyptians believed that the cat was their sacred object. Cats are so revered that harming or killing a cat would be considered harming a God.

And the punishment for this action can only be death!

It is said that the Egyptians believed that the Pharaohs would become Gods after death, and their souls would go to Heaven, so they had to build a ladder to get to heaven, and that ladder is the pyramid.

At the same time, the pyramid also symbolizes the rays of sunlight through the blue sky. If you stand on the road to Giza in the Nile Delta, and look west from the sides of the pyramid, you can see that the pyramid is like the rays of the sun spreading down to the Earth.

The pyramid contains the wisdom of ancient civilizations, and also leaves people with many mysteries that are difficult to solve.

Pyramid with mysterious power – (Pixabay)

Unbelievable construction engineering technology

How the largest extant Khufu pyramid was completed remains an unsolved mystery. The original height of Khufu Pyramid was 146.59 meters, due to the peeling of the top, the current height is only 136.5 meters, the base of the tower is square, the four sides of the tower turn to four directions, each side is long. about 230.37 meters. The area is 52,900 square meters. The tower itself is not made of ordinary stone, but is built from 2.3 million to 2.5 million limestone, each limestone weighs from 1.5 to 160 tons, the average weight is about 2.5 tons.

Hình tượng Mèo trong đời sống văn hóa tâm linh - Báo An Giang Online

In general, scientists believe that to build the Pyramid of Khufu required 100,000 people and took 20 years. However, because the Nile River in ancient Egypt was often flooded, the people’s life was not rich, they struggled to have enough food and clothing. If each year the Great Pyramid was only built within three months, no matter how calculated, it is hard to imagine that the ancient Egyptians could complete such a “huge” work. .

Người Ai Cập cổ đại tin rằng con mèo là thánh vật của mình (Ảnh: pixabay)

Modern scholars studying ancient Egypt have speculated on more than 30 construction methods, and after analysis and testing, they have all found that these methods are “hard to achieve” with skill  and capabilities of the Egyptians at that time.

Smart antique technology and materials

At the foot of the pyramid, there are many scattered rocks. Some stones still have traces of past cutting. These marks are straight and long, smooth and flat are all signs of a cutter.

In a corner of the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, there is a half-gouged granite box. This seam is not only narrow and deep, copper chisels can’t get in, the cut is very smooth and precise, as if it was cut by a machine, and there are still lines that are not cut yet. This line is about a knuckle wide, not completely straight but slightly concave in the surface of the rock, as if the rock was then soft mud, allowing the craftsman to draw the line with his finger at will.

Một góc trong mộ của Pharaoh (Ảnh: Flickr)

Where does mysterious wisdom come from?

Since these pyramids are located in Egypt, it is speculated that the completion of these pyramids was largely due to the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians. However, it can be clearly seen from the way it was built, the structure surrounding the Great Pyramid or the pyramids scattered in other parts of Egypt is not as rigorous as the Great Pyramid, even dating back to the Great Pyramid. preserved not as long as the Great Pyramid.

So is it possible that the Great Pyramid was not actually built by the ancient Egyptians?


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