Marcus Rashford: From poor boy to hero in the eyes of fans

Marcus Rashford is shining in the land of fog, although football has not officially returned, the 22-year-old star is becoming a hero in the eyes of fans with continuous practical actions for the community.

Difficult childhood

Marcus Rashford grew up in a poor family of four brothers in the southern suburb of Wythenshawe, Manchester. The player born in 1997 grew up largely thanks to the love of his mother (Mrs. Mel), he rarely contacted his father (Robert Rashford, 55 years old). The British star once had a difficult childhood, he even had to queue to buy free meals for poor children worth £ 15.
Marcus Rashford From poor boy to hero in the eyes of NHM! image

Rashford has a difficult poetry session

In an interview, Rashford recalled his childhood: “I grew up with free breakfasts, light lunches at school and even no dinner. My mother came home very late from work, I had to wait for her. Just come home from work and have another meal.”

Withington, where Rashford lived and grew up, is plagued by drugs and shootings. Many friends his age choose to join gangs to survive, but Rashford chooses football. Fabio Viviani, a close friend of the English player revealed: “While others were involved in drugs and gangs, Marcus was determined to become a footballer.”
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Fabio Viviani is a close friend of Rashford

“We often gather outside his little house, and Rashford says he has had the desire to be a footballer since he was very young. Mel, Rashford’s mother is very strict, she is very strict. I don’t always advise my son to stay away from bad friends.”

Dwyane Simpson, another friend of Rashford’s, revealed: “He’s a good kid. Many young people here drift into gangs, but Rashford doesn’t. He has his own passions and real drive. show it”.

Career advancement is very fast

Rashford has had a love for football since he was a child. Fabio Viviani, a close friend of the English player added: “I’m very proud of my friend. I beat Rashford when we played together at 10. Now he’s become a player. top player”.
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Rashford and the image of wearing a Fletcher Moss Rangers shirt when he was 5 years old

Chris Wallace, 61, a former neighbor of the 22-year-old striker added: “Rashford is passionate about balls, he can play everywhere. Even he and his friends often often hit the ball into my window”.

When he was 5 years old, Rashford’s talent was discovered by local team Fletcher Moss Rangers, where Danny Welbeck, another former MU player, also started. Ron Jamieson, who coached the 22-year-old as a child, said:
“He’s a great guy, his mother is also dedicated to her son. Mrs. Mel often accompanies her son at training sessions or competitions, to monitor his progress.” Ron Jamieson’s colleague David Horrocks (60), added: “Rashford showed the qualities of a top player from an early age, he had a strong passion for football.” 
The player born in 1997 arrived at MU’s training camp at the age of 7. Marcus Rashford was introduced to the Red Devils by coach Louis van Gaal. The English star scored twice on his Premier League debut against Arsenal in 2016. Rashford also broke a 50-year record set by George Best to become MU’s youngest player to score in a European Cup (Double on goal). net FC Midtjylland in Europa League 2016).
Tuổi 19 của Rashford với những cột mốc đáng nhớ | Bóng Đá

Rashford is currently the mainstay of MU

The 22-year-old star is constantly striving, he is increasingly perfecting his skills and is currently one of the most important players of MU. This season, No. 10 leads the Red Devils’ scorer list in the Premier League (14 goals in 22 matches).

Last summer, Rashford signed a four-year contract with MU, receiving £ 250,000 a week. This striker statue of Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney, in the bedroom of the British player hangs many pictures of two MU legends.

A humble and simple person

Rashford is a very humble and simple man. When his teammates enjoy dishes at luxury restaurants, the 1997-born player likes to meet friends in Wythenshawe, where he has lived since he was a child.
Rashford is famous

Rashford is considered very humble and shy

Hemen Farouq, 35, one of Rashford’s neighbours, said: ‘He’s a lovely, simple and kind boy. A cousin of the player born in 1997 added: “Rashford is a shy guy, he doesn’t have many relationships with girls. He is passionate about football and spends his free time playing games. on the computer”.

In 2016, after renewing and getting a raise in his new contract, the first thing he did was take care of his mother. Rashford rented a new £800,000 mansion, with six bedrooms, a luxury bathroom and sauna, for his mother.
Let's know that Rashford is a male model 2016

The villa that Rashford rented in 2016

It wasn’t until 2019 that Rashford decided to buy a five-bedroom £1.2 million mansion in Wilmslow.

Rich in kindness

When the Covid-19 pandemic caused football to be completely frozen, many players considered social distancing an opportunity to party and get drunk with friends, but Rashford did something completely different. The English player focuses on training and charity.
Greater Manchester police chief praises Rashford

 Rashford received a certificate of merit for charity

This striker and his teammates at MU donated money and facilities for hospitals in Manchester city, he personally donated 1 million pounds. The 22-year-old star helps Fareshare charity receive around £20 million in donations over the past three months. This money is then used to support food and water for disadvantaged people in the UK during the Covid-19 epidemic season.

Talking about his actions, Rashford shared: “At every moment there are children who have to live in difficult circumstances like I did before. 15 years before the Covid-19 pandemic took place, my life. I just thought, if there is a way to help people and especially children, let’s do it.”
Rashford even partnered with the BBC to become a gym teacher for children. For his positive contributions to the community in the past time, he was honored to receive a certificate of merit from the Greater Manchester County Sheriff.
MU’s No. 10 even sent a letter to the British Government to extend the program to distribute free meals to students during the summer break this year. After Rashford’s determination, the British Government revoked the decision that was previously made.
Rashford used to be the first man in the world

Rashford stands before the opportunity to be knighted next year

In the context that England is facing many economic problems, ethnic crises and social values, Rashford’s actions are highly appreciated. He is considered to be on his way to becoming a new symbol of MU and English football.

With his activities, Rashford is becoming a hero in the eyes of fans, especially children. According to the Daily Mail, the 22-year-old player is facing the opportunity to be knighted by the British Royal Family in 2021. If that happens, MU’s No. 10 will become the youngest football player to be knighted by the British Royal Family. Knight.

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