Mystery of UFO ‘hot spot’ solved after more than 200 encounters with flying objects

UFO encounters in Yorkshire have been reported since the 1990s.
UFO encounters in Yorkshire have been reported since the 1990s.
TPO – From March to April 2020 alone, there were 192 reported cases of UFO encounters in Yorkshire (UK). In total there have been more than 200 reported UFO encounters recorded in this area over the years.

The most recent UFO (Flying Object) encounter occurred on June 9 this year in Leeds, West Yorkshire when two thin, black and long curved triangles were seen flying overhead in the air. and then stopped in midair at around 12:55am, Yorkshire Live reported.

Mystery of UFO 'hot spot' solved after more than 200 encounters with flying objects
White triangular UFO discovered in Yorkshire caused a stir.

Brian, a local paranormal investigator, claims to have encountered several UFOs by chance while exploring abandoned buildings at night.

According to the Daily Mail, local investigators including Brian believe the abundance of abandoned military bases in Yorkshire could be to blame for turning this place into a UFO “hot spot”.

“They (UFOs) were drawn to Yorkshire because the peak we were on was at an altitude that was superior to other parts of the country. Add to that the spacious space and a series of old abandoned and unused military bases,” Brian said.

“There are hundreds of military bases, bunkers, airfields of the British Air Force (RAF) … abandoned. A lot of such locations are not known to people because they are well hidden,” Brian said.


“Mostly these places are only visited by urban explorers, paranormal enthusiasts who come to video, or those who love history and believe in UFOs come to explore,” Brian added.

The paranormal investigator also said that just a few weeks ago, his team spotted four UFOs in one night. It can’t be commercial planes, Brian said, “because they fly in the same straight line right next to each other”.

Ellen Dean, who lives in Fearby village, also revealed that she witnessed mysterious lights in her back garden in March 2020 and believes that the light is not from a low-flying plane from the RAF station or lantern.

Ash Ellis, a local conspiracy theorist – owner of the UFO Identified website – which publishes stories and reports about UFOs, also believes that Yorkshire has many military bases that can attract UFOs.

Mystery of UFO 'hot spot' solved after more than 200 encounters with flying objects
UFO doesn’t necessarily mean alien spaceship, it’s just unexplained phenomenon/thing.

“History shows that UFOs are often seen around military bases or nuclear facilities. So if they make a visit to ‘snoop’ on us, they might be particularly interested in our weapons and technology,” speculated Ellis.

However, Ellis also notes that UFOs do not necessarily mean alien spacecraft, but could be anything currently unidentified


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