Ronaldo and Messi teach their children in a completely different way: The one who trains the child to become a star, the one who lets the child develop instinctively.


When leaving the field, both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are exemplary fathers, however, the way these two world-famous players raise their children have an interesting contrast.

Messi: “The children will choose what they want”

Not only is a superstar on the pitch, but Lionel Messi also surprises fans with the way he teaches his children.    

The Argentine superstar and his wife have 3 sons, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro. If Ciro is young, and the eldest Thiago is quiet and quiet, Mateo is often noticed the most with his humorous personality. When talking about the eldest Thiago, Messi once shared: “The boy loves to shoot the ball. But the truth is he is too young. He prefers riding in a carriage and swings rather than playing football right now. He will choose his own games. what it wants”. 

Rivals Ronaldo and Messi teach their children in a completely different way: Those who work hard to train their children to become stars, those who let their children develop instinctively - Photo 1.

Photo: Internet

Messi once revealed that he wanted his son to follow in the footsteps of the digital shorts and planned to register his eldest son Thiago to train in the PSG U.10 team, while Mateo joined the U.7 team. However, Messi absolutely does not force the children to practice every day, but only creates the best conditions for them to develop their talents, as well as for them to decide their own future career.

Of these three sons, Mateo is considered to have the ability to play football and is more likely to follow in his father’s footsteps than his brother Thiago. 

Although he really wanted his children to follow his profession, Messi never imposed or forced his three sons into a certain framework. He always wants his children to develop instinctively, to promote the inherent abilities of a child. Because of that, it is rare to see M10 share photos or videos of sports training with his son, instead, fans always see the family of the Barcelona striker happy together.

Perhaps because playing football is an innate ability, he also thinks that it is best for his children to develop naturally with what they have. 

Rivals Ronaldo and Messi teach their children in a completely different way: Those who work hard to train their children to become stars, those who let their children develop instinctively - Photo 2.

Photo: Internet

In everyday life, Messi also gives his children the freedom to choose what they like and respect that. Typically, Mateo clearly understands the animosity between Barcelona and Real Madrid, so every time Barca lost to Real, Mateo teased his father Messi. Not only Real but any team that scored against Barca, Mateo also celebrated although this seemed to confuse the boy’s father. Like his younger brother, the eldest Thiago is a genuine fan of… Ronaldo, not his father.

Sharing with Marca, Messi said his daily life revolves around children. He will take Thiago to school in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon. The whole family gathers together at night until the children have to go to bed.

Ronado: “To be No. 1, you need talent, practice and passion”

If his rival Messi let his children live by instinct, Cristiano Ronaldo went in the opposite direction. Ronaldo shared: “As a player, I want my son to become a player. Must be a top player like his father. He is young, only 5 years old, but he already likes football. That’s a plus. Home I have 30 balls and I also bring home a lot of balls.”

Born into difficult circumstances, the Portuguese player turned it into a great source of motivation to fight. Now, he wants to teach that to his children so that they understand that success has to be sweated instead of being dependent on family background or father’s relationship. In a sharing with the media, he confided: 


“I took my son back to the place where I lived when I was a child. To be honest, I don’t want to go back here very much because every time I see the poverty here it makes me feel moved. I go with me. Paixao and Cristiano Jr, walked into the room where I used to live. My son turned and said, “Dad, did you live here.” He couldn’t believe it.

Ronaldo orientated his son to a career as a player and outlined a clear route by letting him practice from a young age, starting from preparing a good body. To achieve that great expectation of his father, Ronaldo’s son needs to try and do his best. It is not easy and sometimes it takes luck. Many times, Ronaldo’s fans were surprised to see clips of Junior – CR7’s eldest son practicing with his father with a hard-working attitude.

Rivals Ronaldo and Messi teach their children in a completely different way: Those who work hard to train their children to become stars, those who let their children develop instinctively - Photo 3.

Photo: Internet

Not only is he strict with his children in sports training, Ronaldo is also a very strict father with his children in daily life, from daily life to diet. when I was a child. Accordingly, the Portuguese player hired a nutritionist to create a daily menu for each family member.

He also does not allow his son to use a mobile phone because he is afraid that he will become addicted to technology. Speaking at a press conference at the Al Wasl Dome exhibition area, UAE, he said: “Technology helps a lot. It has helped me, people sitting here and around the world, and I think we have to make the most of it. use that. However, we shouldn’t be obsessed with technology.”

CR7 said that the eldest Junior wanted to buy an iPhone so that he could talk to his father, but he refused and told him that if he wanted to call me, he could ask his grandmother. Thereby, he wants to teach his children that it is not easy to get anything they want: “Education is the best thing that I can pass on to my children”.

Rivals Ronaldo and Messi teach their children in a completely different way: Those who work hard to train their children to become stars, those who let their children develop instinctively - Photo 4.

Photo: Internet

With a huge fortune, Ronaldo can give his children the best material conditions. However, this superstar always thinks: “It’s all from education, please teach your child well, inspire him. Humans always have to strive, work, and move.

You think everything is easy in this life. But everything is complete, houses, vehicles, clothes… not falling from the sky. That’s what I try to instill in my son. Even when participating in school events, I try to convey that to the children. Only through hard work and dedication can we get everything we want.”

It can be seen that CR9 and M10’s way of educating and shaping children follows two different schools, but in general, they meet at one point, which is unconditional love for children and always giving everything. What’s best for your child.


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