Ronaldinho – from an orphan to a world football legend


It was because of the loss of his father so early that Ronaldinho was blown away with his dream of becoming a football superstar!

Death is not the end
Like so many other bright stars of Brazil, Ronaldinho had a childhood that was not filled with affluence. The boy with the full name Ronaldo de Assis Moreira was born on March 21, 1980 into a poor family living in the port city of Porto Alegre on the lake Dos Patos.
Despite the difficult economic situation, in return, Ronaldinho received a lot of love and support from his family members – especially João Moreira, the father who inspired him with a deep love of football.

Ronaldinho has successfully fulfilled the unfinished dream of his ill father.

João Moreira was originally an amateur football player, once dreamed of shorts, but soon had to retire from his career because of a knee injury to come to the profession of a welder as a tool to make a living.
Unable to fulfill his dream on his own, the poor Brazilian man wrote down his unfinished wish by passing on his passion for soccer to his sons. Living in an environment where the ball was always present, Roberto Asiss, Ronaldinho’s brother soon became a player for the club Gremio. But with a special sensitivity, João Moreira put great expectations on Ronaldinho and of course, the boy did not disappoint him.
Thought that life would be hard but peaceful but would pass in peace, a terrible event happened to Dinho when he was just 8 years old. The unfortunate accident at the swimming pool (with a heart attack) not only robbed Ronaldinho the beloved father, but also made his family even more miserable because of the loss of the breadwinner.
Fortunately, this calamity did not cause the poor boy to let go. On the contrary, the sudden death of his father made the fire in him burn even more. With an iron determination, Dinho promised himself that he would help his father fulfill his wish and smile in the nine streams.

Turning pain into action
Due to the economic burden on Miguelina de Assis, for Dinho at this time, football is not simply a passion but also for the sake of money.
Becoming a key player in the local youth team, Ronaldinho often went to the tournament and brought a small amount of money to help his mother take care of the family’s economy.

Success comes from natural talent and hard work.

Under the guidance of his brother Roberto, Ronaldinho improved day by day. When he joined the youth team, because of his thin and small stature, he was called Ronaldinho (meaning little Ronaldo) and later when he joined the national team, people also used that name to distinguish it from his teammate Ronaldo. .
Coming up from street football, Dinho possesses a technical and improvisational style of play. At the age of 13, the young star with the teeth “hooked” the brand began to attract attention after scoring 23 goals against the opponent in a local match. However, Ronaldinho’s real turning point was at the U17 world championship held in Egypt – where he shone brightly to help Brazil win the championship.


To the top of glory

Since then, the path of career development has been wide open with Ro Vau. After 3 years with Grêmio, Ronaldinho agreed to move to France to play and begin his conquest of Europe with a 5-year contract with PSG.
But the most glorious time of Ronnie must be mentioned in the series of days at Barca. An impromptu Ronaldinho with magical dribbles has become a key factor in bringing the Nou Camp home team to two consecutive La Liga titles (2004/05, 2005/06). Double Spanish Super Cup (2005, 2006) and a noble UEFA Champions League title (2005/06).

Ronaldinho to the top of glory at Barca.

True to the prediction of João Moreira during his lifetime, Ronaldinho became the World’s Best Player by FIFA – not once but twice in 2004 & 2005. According to Ronnie’s own
sharing , the ill-fated father João Moreira is the driving force behind his efforts to succeed: “Dad is one of the most important people in my life and career. I often watch the video that my father left me and every time I do, I feel like I have more strength and willpower.”
The road downhill
Every fun has to come to an end. The seemingly inseparable relationship between Ronaldinho and Barca had to come to an end when he was no longer himself in the colors of the Catalan giants.
He was pushed to AC Milan in the summer of 2008 after turning down an offer from Man City. However, his declining form due to age as well as a liberal personal life with parties filled with beautiful girls made him unable to return to the Ronaldinho that once terrified Europe.
Not winning any title at San Siro, Dinho returned to his hometown to wear Flamengo in the 2011 Winter Sun. However, this “marriage” soon broke down because of an irrevocable conflict. If Flamengo accused Ronnie of being lazy, undisciplined and playing debauchery, the protruding midfielder could not stand the “piece” when suing the team to court for a salary debt scandal.
4 days after leaving Flamengo, Ronaldinho suddenly moved to Atlético Mineiro in June 2012 and is still devoted to the Independencia team.
You will always be a legend

He is forever a legend.

Life is like a sine graph and so is football. If there is a peak, there will also be an abyss. Although Ronaldinho has passed the most brilliant period of his career, his great contribution to the world football village is undisputed.
That artist from Brazil has made many football lovers’ hearts burst with excitement, knowing what the ultimate sublimation is on the pitch. And just like that, Ronaldinho was enough to live forever in the hearts of true football followers.


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