The Mystery of the Pink Dolphins in the Amazon River


In the Amazon rivers of South America, there is a mysterious creature called boto, people still call them pink dolphin.

In the Amazon rivers of South America, there is a mysterious creature called boto, people still call them pink dolphin.

In the Amazon River, South America, boto dolphins regularly lurk and are the subject of much speculation.

Chiêm ngưỡng cá heo hồng đặc biệt quý hiếm -
 Rare pink boto dolphin in the Amazon

Myth: It is often said that the boto is a pink dolphin in the Amazon River, very quiet and solitary. They are a “mythical” animal that is blind.

Fact: Bo to dolphins are real and are the subject of many interesting myths. There are many pink and gray ones. They are very quiet. In some places, boto dolphins are very friendly with humans.



Legend has it that boto dolphins are nocturnal human transformations to “hide adultery and sexual acts”.

Legend has it that boto dolphins are nocturnal human transformations to “hide adultery and sexual acts”, according to Gabriel Melo Alves dos Santos, a doctoral student at Para University in Brazil.

The scientific view of this dolphin is a little more mundane, but the truth is that the boto, one of the few freshwater dolphins left on Earth, still has many

mysteries . They don’t know how many botos are out there in the wild and how many have died, nor do they know for sure why they are pink.


A boto dolphin was tagged by scientists to track, then released back into the sea

Not all boto dolphins are pink. “Their colors are very different,” says Vanessa Mintzer, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Florida, Gainesville. 

As they grow, they gradually turn pink. Mature males are the pinkest.” Mammal

colorist Tim Caro, of the University of California at Davis, has another explanation. “Pink is a way to hide under the red mud particles, appear in rivers after heavy rain,” he said. One recent theory is that the boto dolphins fight a lot, and that’s their pink callus. many “conflicts” between dolphins, especially between males,


The pink color of fish can help them hide

Contrary to the boto dolphin’s secretive, hidden life habits, some appear openly to humans. At a market in the town of Mocajuba, Para state, Brazil, boto dolphins play with children after they help their families sell goods. The water here is very clear, and photographer Alves dos Santos has seen their behavior in great detail.

One of the interesting things is that they are very friendly, not aggressive. “If they want to, they can absolutely bite those babies because they’re so big and have strong jaws,” he said. all mornings.” Locals say this has been happening for the past 30 years.


 Dolphins live very child-friendly in the town of Mocajuba, Brazil
No one knows how many boto dolphins are left in the world

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