Jack Grealish’s £6 million garden villa after joining manchester city


Man City midfielder Jack Grealish has just spent £ 6 million to buy a 7-bedroom villa with a garden larger than the Etihad Stadium.

The Sun reports that Jack Grealish’s new mansion is in north-west Manchester. The Man City midfielder completed the purchase of a home earlier this year and was given a cash payment of £ 6 million.

The 7-bedroom property of the guy “Beckham new from the fog” is located in a land of up to 8 hectares. Grealish’s estate includes a fishing lake, tennis court, golf area, and vegetable plot. The garden of the house is larger than Etihad Stadium – Man City’s home ground (yard size is 105 m x 68 m). The villa has a helipad with discreet lighting so guests can arrive by plane regardless of day or night.

One bedroom inside the villa.

In addition to the swimming pool, the 27-year-old star villa has a relaxation room, a wine storage area. There is also a small house on the property where Grealish friends and family can stay in case the main house runs out of room.

‘Jack loves the finer things in life and the house really surprises and delights him. It was the ultimate dream for Jack. Whoever owns the house will be very proud. Jack feels he has a bargain when buying a house,’ a source on The Sun


‘If he wants to organize a big party to avoid prying eyes, he can do it at home. On the contrary, if he wants to relax, sunbathe or go fishing, he just walks out the door,’ the source added.

This property is considered one of the safest in the northwest with state-of-the-art lighting and security cameras.

Before moving to Man City last August, the former Aston Villa star lived in a six-bedroom detached house worth £1.75 million in a village south of Birmingham. After that, the £100 million star and his girlfriend Sasha Attwood lived in a rented apartment in Manchester.

Ôm bạn gái ngay trên sân, Jack Grealish hứa hẹn sẽ kết hôn

Jack Grealish was born in 1995, is an English football star, playing as a midfielder or attacking midfielder. With Aston Villa since the age of 6, Grealish became the mainstay of the team until moving to Man City with a record £ 100 million contract last year. He became the most expensive English player in history. However, Grealish has not lived up to expectations. The British star has an eye-catching appearance, considered the new Beckham of the foggy country.


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