7 mysterious artifacts from hundreds of millions of years ago, existed prehistoric civilizations?


In our time, with a highly developed science and technology, many conundrums about the history of human civilization have been explored. However, there are still many archaeological excavations, constructions, man-made artifacts, etc. dating back to hundreds of millions of years, challenging scientists about the source. their origin.

We are used to picturing extinct civilizations in the form of sunken statues and underground ruins. These kinds of artifacts from earlier societies are fine if we are only interested in timescales of a few thousand years. But once we keep going back tens of millions or hundreds of millions of years, things get more complicated.


However, in fact on Earth, by chance, some people have found  extremely valuable evidence  of prehistoric advanced civilizations, which can be likened to finding “needle needles”. ” in the haystack.

1. Labor tools from 300 million years ago

In 18th century France, workers at a quarry near Aix-en-Provence made a discovery  that  is still a mystery.

Photograph of a limestone slab: Some people believe that man-made objects discovered under limestone in the 18th century are evidence that humans appeared on earth millions of years ago and There is even a highly developed civilization. (Photo: Epoch Times in English)
Photograph of a limestone slab: Some people believe that man-made objects discovered under limestone in the 18th century are evidence that humans appeared on earth millions of years ago and There is even a highly developed civilization. (Photo: via Epoch Times)

They dug down layers of limestone. In the sand between the 11th and 12th rock layers, man-made objects were found. Pillars, fragments of unfinished stone slabs. There are also coins, hammer handles, and fragments of wooden tools. The stone slabs with the crafted part are still intact, but all the wooden tools have been fossilized, turning into onyx.

Perhaps many of us think that this is just an ordinary archaeological site. But according to archaeologists, the limestone quarry is up to  300 million years old  , so the objects buried under it must also be of similar age.

In addition, for a type of wood to fossilize, the wood must be buried in the ground for millions of years, undergoing a long-term geological transformation that becomes as hard as a rock. This further confirms the age of the above man-made objects.

D. Porter, an American mineralogist once said: “Here, we have traces of a work done by human hands, lying 15m underground, and covered by 11 solid limestone layer. Everything is in the direction of proving that this work was created right where the traces exist. Did humans exist before these stones were formed, and when they had developed to a certain level of civilization and art, they proceeded to craft the stones and sculpt the pillars? from this stone?”

2. The 300 million year old screw in the ancient stone block

In the 1990s, a Russian research team discovered a stone in a moorland southwest of Kaluzka province. This stone would not be worth mentioning if it did not contain a shocking mystery:  a screw  that, according to measurements, is up to 300-320 million years old.

There are several theories surrounding this strange screw.

Some scientists think that the screw resembles a criniod sea lily. But the sea lily experts, after looking at it, said that they had never seen such large and shaped sea lilies, and moreover they could not be born of iron!

The second hypothesis is that the screw is the garbage from the universe of a certain civilization. In this vast universe, billions of years ago, there must have been a lot of civilizations, waste from the spaceships of those civilizations for some reason got lost on earth.

The third hypothesis, which is also the most reasonable one, is that this screw is the product of a prehistoric civilization. These prehistoric civilizations at some point unfortunately fell into extinction by volcanoes, tsunamis, epidemics, … Then hundreds of millions of years everything will be weathered, destroyed almost never there are, but there are also a few objects that, in a certain condition, remain, such as that screw.

3. The iron cup over 300 million years old in Oklahoma

In 1912, a man named Frank Kenwood was working at a thermal power plant when he encountered a huge block of coal. He immediately hit it with a hammer and was surprised to find that inside the coal block there was  an intact cup . There was another worker who witnessed the event named Jim Stolle.


These coal blocks are mined at the Wilberton mine, Oklahoma, USA. The age of coal mined at the Wilberton mine is 312 million years old, said Robert Faye, an officer with the Oklahoma State Geological Survey.

(screenshot youtube)
(screenshot youtube)

So, for some reason, the cup appeared in the coal mines when they were still plants, and then through the long process of geological activity, they were squeezed into the middle of the coal blocks.

If the above is true, it proves that in North America more than 300 million years ago there may have been a civilization, otherwise it is difficult to explain the existence of the other cup. .

Today, the cup is still on display at a private American museum with the testimony of Mr. Frank Kenwood.

4. 500 million year old vase

In 1852, in a rock explosion in Dorchester, Massachusetts, a metal vase was knocked out of solid rock. The vase was later named  Dorchester , the local name it was found in.

Dorchester vase. (Photo from: en-academic)
Dorchester vase. (Photo from: en-academic)

The Dorchester is an exquisite metal vase measuring 11.4 cm high and 16.5 cm in diameter with brilliant silver embossed veins, demonstrating the exceptional craftsmanship and intense focus of the maker. .

It would not be controversial if the age of the rock surrounding it was determined to be from the  Cenozoic Era , about 541 million to 1 billion years ago.

According to popular knowledge, the Earth only appeared simple animals about 600 million years ago, and humans appeared only about 200,000 years ago. So all things considered, the existence of the Dorchester vase is a mystery.

5. Iron hammer 140 million

In June 1934, in Kimble County, Texas, USA, a woman named Emma Hahn discovered  a hammer  encased in a layer of rock.

Dr. KEBafa, director of the Museum of Mineral Antiquities, who holds th is hammer estimates it was made in the early 

Cretaceous period , which is about 140 million years ago.

This has led some to suspect, because according to the theory of evolution, 140 million years ago there could not have been a human. However, later studies have shown that the origin of the hammer is more complicated than previously thought.


A hammer encased in stone more than 100 million years old of prehistoric civilization. (Photo: Youtube screenshot)
A hammer encased in stone more than 100 million years old of prehistoric civilization. (Photo: Youtube screenshot)

First, the wooden handle has petrified, and the inside turned into coal, indicating that it has undergone geological activity for millions of years. Second, the hammer has a rare alloy composition including: 96.6% iron, 2.6% chlorine, 0.74% sulfur, and no trace of carbon and impurities. This is not the construction of steel made with today’s technology.

In addition, the hammer is impregnated with a layer of iron oxide that makes it resistant to the harsh conditions of nature.

According to Dr. Hans-Joachim Tsilmer the hammer was made from a technology never before seen in history.

6. Mysterious stones 65 million years old

Some  50,000  ornately carved stones have been found around the desert in Ica, Peru. Among them,  more than 20,000 stones  of different sizes are on display in a private museum of  Dr. Javier Cabrera  at Plaza de Armas, south of the capital Lima.


Eugenia Cabrera (Daughter of Dr. Javier Cabrera) at the rock museum (Image: Nancy Sathre-Vogel)
Eugenia Cabrera (Daughter of Dr. Javier Cabrera) at the rock museum (Image: Nancy Sathre-Vogel)

Besides the huge number, these stones are heavier in weight than ordinary stones. They have a structure of two layers, a black basalt layer in the middle and a shiny black outer layer.

The stones come in a variety of sizes, from smaller than the palm of your hand all the way up to a meter. But whatever the size, they are all finely carved with high precision.

Thousands of mysterious stones called "Ica stones" in Ica, Peru. (Photo: Brattarb/ CC BY-SA)
Thousands of mysterious stones called “Ica stones” in Ica, Peru. (Photo: Brattarb/ CC BY-SA)

On the surface of these stones are figures of people, plants, animals and even abstract symbols. The figure on it was wearing a hat, shoes, and clothes. Some of the stones depict scenes such as blood transfusions, organ transplants and caesarean sections like today. Others are carved with human figures, holding a telescope observing constellations, planets and comets.

The animals depicted look like cows, deer, giraffes and others. Some even look like trilobites, an ancient creature that existed between 600 million and 260 million years ago, extinct fish, and other animals we are not familiar with.

The most surprising thing is, some of the stones are engraved with figures of people trying to kill dinosaurs, or being eaten by dinosaurs.

Based on the content of the pictures, some believe that these rocks date back more than 65 million years, before the dinosaurs went extinct, and that there were humans at that time who were make these rocks.

Even before that, paleontologists thought that dinosaurs dragged their tails on the ground when moving, while these stones describe dinosaurs with their tails erect. Later, it was discovered that dinosaurs actually moved with their tails not touching the ground.

The story reached Dr. Swift, who lamented: “We now know that the paleontologists were wrong, and the Ica rocks were right.”

Regarding the origin and purpose of the stones, Dr. Cabrera believes they are an encyclopedia of ancient knowledge.

He theorized that an advanced civilization once existed in this area. The ancient people of this civilization had advanced knowledge of astronomy, physics, and medicine. At the same time, they also know that the impending cataclysm will destroy nearly everything on earth.

In an effort to preserve their knowledge and pass it on to future generations, they carved all of their civilization’s knowledge into stone. The rocks are hard and virtually indestructible, which will be able to stay after the cataclysmic event.

7. 300 million year old gears found in Russia

Recently, a resident named Dmitry, living in the Vladivostok region, Russia discovered a piece of metal in the shape of a wheel with teeth pressed into the coals that he used to heat his house.

If indeed this gear existed 300 million years ago, then surely there was a civilization similar to our present human civilization. (Photo: Valery Brier/Komsomolskaya Pravda)
If indeed this gear existed 300 million years ago, then surely there was a civilization similar to our present human civilization. (Photo: Valery Brier/Komsomolskaya Pravda)

Coal containing foreign matter is mined at Chernogorodsky in Khakasia region. Scientists have determined that this coal mine was formed  300 million years ago  , so it is certain that the metal piece mentioned above has the same age.

When geologists smash the coal and bring the piece of metal for analysis. They discovered the metal piece was a very light and soft aluminum alloy with a chemical composition of 98% aluminum and 2% magnesium.

This is a strange thing because an  “alloy”  with such a high percentage of aluminum cannot occur in nature. It is certainly an  “artificial” product.


Another puzzling feature is the characteristic shape of the metal piece that reminds people of the gears of modern mechanical vehicles. Could it be that 300 million years ago there were intelligent beings on this earth and they were able to promote the development of modern machines like us today?

Others have suggested that this piece of metal is of alien origin, the cogwheel of a crashed flying vehicle. This is based on the fact that Aluminum-26 is relatively common in extraterrestrial meteorites and can be converted to magnesium-26. The presence of 2% magnesium in the alloy indicates the  “alien” origin  of this piece of metal.

Currently, Russian scientists have not concluded and continue to work to confirm this hypothesis.


The examples above are just a small part of the many discoveries of vestiges of prehistoric civilizations that once appeared on earth.

This makes us rethink human history. According to the theory of evolution, humans have only appeared on earth for less than ten thousand years.

But the stories mentioned above show that humans appeared hundreds of millions of years ago. Then because of a cataclysm, a meteorite, or a global catastrophe that destroyed humanity at that time.

Only a few people survived, they lost all means of production, had to return to primitive life. Gradually, humanity multiplied and developed into a new civilization.

Human history is thus cyclical. And only with this explanation, we can explain such misplaced artificial artifacts.

The universe is constantly moving, human society is also constantly developing, the new constantly replaces the old, if we keep entrenched in the old perception, we will become obsolete and lost in the development process. development of history.


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