The architectural masterpieces of the Maya civilization


The South American region has many ancient Mayan ruins, built with precise calculations related to the summer solstice, showing the great progress of this civilization.

Chichen Itza, Mexico :  Located not far from the resort of Cancun, the Mayan city is not located in a mysterious jungle, but it is still worth your time to explore. The most prominent work here is El Castillo, a towering tower with 91 steps on all four sides. If the top step is included, the total number of steps here is 365, corresponding to the number of days in the Mayan calendar.  Photo: Chichenitzatours.

Tulum, Mexico :  Tulum is not as large as other Mayan cities, but its proximity to the coast gives it its own beauty. Used as a port when the Mayan civilization began to decline, today it is a popular tourist attraction.  Photo: Pinterest.

Palenque, Mexico :  It was not until the end of the 18th century that Europeans discovered Palenque, a limestone pyramid temple and mausoleum in Mexico. This place is likened to “The Lost City of Atlantis”, with impressive natural scenery. Photo: Globalserpa.

Uxmal, Mexico :  One of the 32 World Heritage Sites of Mexico, Uxmal is the important capital of the Yucatán region with about 25,000 inhabitants. The location of buildings built between 700 and 1000 indicates astronomical understanding. The pyramid of Soothsayer is located in the center of the ceremonial center, where structures are decorated with reliefs and carvings of Chaac, the rain god.  Photo: Telegraph.

Tikal, Guatemala :  Tikal was one of the most powerful kingdoms in Mayan history, thriving from 100 BC to the 9th century. The size and scale of this place shows the impressive development of civilization. Maya Ming. 

 Photo: Airpano.

Lamanai, Belize :  This ancient city has a history of more than 3,000 years, excavated in the 1970s. The focus here is the Mask temple, Jaguar temple and High temple. Visitors can sign up for a tour of the ruins by boat or watch wildlife at night.  Photo: Kaanabelize.

Yaxchilan, Mexico :  Deep in southern Mexico, this monument is an hour’s drive from the nearest hotel, and is only accessible by boat. However, it is this isolated remoteness that enhances the beauty of the ancient city of Yaxchilan, giving visitors the feeling of discovering a secret kingdom.  Photo: Kathmanduandbeyond.

Calakmul, Mexico :  Set in the rainforests of Tierras Bajasok, Calakmul was the seat of the Snake kingdom, with its excellent irrigation system and a large ceremonial pyramid – both of which are the largest of their kind. mine. Visitors can also join leopard, monkey or deer viewing tours from this relic.  Photo: Telegraph.

Copán, Honduras :  Famous for its large football field and royal pillars, Copán flourished from the 5th to 9th centuries. Located on the eastern edge of the Maya empire, this place was not favorable. convenient for travel, so it is usually quite deserted.  Photo: Sunrisetravel-antigua.

Coba, Mexico: This large citadel has a system of 16 causeways connecting with neighboring monuments. Of which, the longest is 96 km, going west to Yaxuna. Photo: Telegraph.


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