The way Messi loves Antonela has never changed


Even if you are not a fan of football, you surely have heard of Messi and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo’s unique love story.

The social director Although many supporters claim to support the French squad, their true desires are to see Messi win tonight’s match and take home the gold medal.

One more game will separate Lionel Messi from the championship.

His well-known wife Antonella Roccuzzo has been by his side throughout the excellent player’s career.

At the age of nine, Messi and his wife were introduced via Antonella’s cousin, Lucas Scaglia.

Five years ago, Daily Mail reported on the worldwide love lives of well-known football stars.

As the most well-known couple, Victoria and David Beckham are mentioned.

Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo were chosen as the happiest couple because the time they spent in love together was like something out of a fairy tale.

Messi and Antonella dated for more than two decades.

Along with their three sons, they have “get into the flower vehicle” to create a house that is admired by friends and neighbors.

The relationship between Messi and Antonella allegedly started in 1996, according to Messi. Messi was one of the team’s young, promising players when he was 9 years old. Antonella, 8, was raised amid affluence and resides on Messi’s street in Argentina.

Messi visited his teammate Lucas Scaglia’s residence back in 1992.

Since Lucas is Antonella’s cousin, Messi had the chance to develop a relationship with her.

“Antonella came to play with Lucas during the weekend. There was also Messi, who was drawn to Antonella “Goal cited the father of Lucas.

When play ing PlayStation with Lucas, Messi got to know Antonella.


Asking Messi and Lucas if they needed any assistance, Antonella was upstairs.

Despite playing computer games, Messi’s expression when he first encountered Antonella was described as lost and unfocused.

Messi’s kiss for Antonella on the day of “getting on the flower car”.

According to Scagilia’s father, Messi “couldn’t take his eyes off her for even a second”. Although at that time, Messi was only 9 years old, but the male player fell in love with Antonella. He even confidently told all his friends about his determination to marry her: “One day, Antonella will be my girlfriend”.

Even when leaving his hometown to pursue his dream of becoming a professional footballer, Messi still remembers the image of Antonella.

The couple were close friends until 2000. After that, Messi left Antonella when the feelings of both had not yet blossomed. Sports page said: “For the first few years, Messi kept in touch with Antonella by handwritten letters. Messi always thought about Antonella, even though he might find another girl in the place where he lives.”

When Messi started to stake out his position as a leading player, Antonella started a new relationship in his hometown that lasted for more than three years. Then, Antonella experienced a sҺock when she learned that her partner had passed away in a car accιdent. When Messi visited his hometown again in 2007, he was informed of Antonella’s tragic occurrence. This was the pivotal moment that drew the two together. The Barca striker was standing next to Antonella’s encouragement.


According to Antonella, Messi and her began dating on July 20, 2007.

Messi was once considered the heir apparent to Diego Maradona by Argentine fans, and he was a phenomenon in the world of football at the time.

Before declaring their love to the world during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, they had been quietly in love for almost three years.

There are currently three gorgeous children in the tiny family.

“Is Messi’s girlfriend an actress, singer, or supermodel? No, she is called Antonella “The fаct that Messi, a top player, harbored feelings for a girl sҺocked the Spanish media. Argentine girl in her hometown.

That wasn’t made public to the media until 2009, though.

Messi is a well-known football player who also keeps his personal life very discreet.

He acknowledged having a girlfriend in public, but he kept her identity a secгet to protect their privacy.

In order to be with Messi, Antonella chose to relocate to Barcelona in 2009.

When Antonella announced that she was expecting her first child with Messi in June 2012, it made waves throughout the football community.

Three years later, Messi and Antonella both expressed their eagerness to receive Mateo, Thiago’s younger brother.

After 20 years of dating, Messi and Antonella announced their engagement in 2017.

The Argentine beauty Antonella was born on February 26, 1988, making her one year younger than her spouse.

She pursued her passion of becoming a dentist by enrolling in the University of Argentina’s Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology.

The stunning woman turned into a model and social media star after heeding the call of love and moved in with Messi in Barcelona.

Next, Antonella and her three kids will visit Qatar to support Messi.

The couple welcomed Thiago, their first child, into the world in 2012.

They welcomed their second son Mateo three years later, and their son Ciro was born the following year.

After 10 years of dating, the pair decided to wed in 2017.

At Rosario’s Hotel City Center, they were married.

Messi has a very admirable and fulfilling marriage.

On Antonella’s personal page, it is evident that she frequently posts images of her traveling, dressing in designer clothing, and visiting all corners of the globe.

Along with their shared love, Messi and his wife are admired for their simplicity, creativity, and humility as well as for constantly being at his side.

She also has a soft, natural sense of style and doesn’t want to flash her skin like many athletes’ girlfriends and spouses do.


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