The Acolyte May Complete a Long Awaited Fan Casting


The Acolyte will be bringing the High Republic to live action and it may also be bringing a long time fan casting to life according to a new report.

Star Wars: The Acolyte will be one of the next big entries in the Star Wars franchise. The series is looking to bring the events of the High Republic era to the screen for the first time. Yet, The Acolyte may be making an additional Star Wars fan dream come true. According to Forbes, an actor who has been fan cast in Star Wars for years may have finally joined the universe. Keanu Reeves has been one of the number one actors that fans have wanted to join Star Wars, and if he is joining The Acolyte, then there is hope that he could be playing the legendary character of Revan.

For a number of years, Keanu Reeves has been being cast as Revan by the fans. Every time there was ever a mention of an Old Republic movie or show or anything, Reeves name was brought up to play the iconic character of Revan. Revan was the main character of the Knight of the Old Republic video game. Revan was a Jedi who had turned to the dark side during the Jedi and Mandalorian Wars. Revan eventually was brought back to the light side, but only after defeat Malek, Revan’s previous Padawan. Even though The Acolyte takes place in the High Republic, Reeves could still be bringing Revan to life.

Reeves’ Revan Can Appear in a Flashback

In the old canon, the character of Revan did die long before the events of The Acolyte take place. This makes it more likely that if Reeves was to appear as Revan, then it would be a flashback or as a Force vision. The Acolyte will be focusing on the Sith’s rise to power and the infiltration of the Jedi Order leading up to The Phantom Menace. Revan was influential for both the Jedi and the Sith. Revan dealt with major artifacts, knew about secret weapons, and was an incredibly powerful Force user. Parts of Revan’s life could provide information that proves to be invaluable.




Having Revan in The Acolyte would very much be fan service, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It may be difficult to find parts of Revan’s pre-existing story that fit into the new canon or even the narrative of The Acolyte. It may be easier to adjust his story so that it fits better as a flashback or even that the character is alive in the High Republic era. The latter would be considered a massive Star Wars retcon by many fans. While seeing Reeve’s play Revan would be cool, it may be easier to have him as a different character altogether.

The Acolyte Can Make Keanu a Whole New Jedi

The Acolyte has promised to have the most Jedi of any Star Wars projects. It would be very easy to give one of these roles to Keanu. While it wouldn’t exactly fulfill the years of fan casting, it would still satisfy a lot of Star Wars fans to see Keanu ignite a lightsaber. Reeves can make a perfect stoic Jedi Master. Combining his martial arts skills of the John Wick franchise with his stoicism of Neo from The Matrix. He could even be teamed up with Carrie-Ann Moss’ character, once again reuniting the former Matrix’s stars.

If Forbes’ report is to be believed, Keanu Reeves is on his way to the Star Wars universe. While many people would ultimately want to see Reeves take up the helmet of Revan, it may only be possible through brief flashbacks. It may be better for The Acolyte to craft a whole new character for Reeves, allowing him to make his role in the Star Wars universe truly his own.

The Acolyte is expected to air in 2024 on Disney+.


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