Lionel Messi ‘dances with the ball’ causing singer Selena Gomez to widen her eyes in surprise when Inter Miami beat Los Angeles FC


On the morning of September 4, before returning to focus on the Argentina team to compete in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, Messi helped Inter Miami win a spectacular victory over Los Angeles FC 3-1 in the MLS tournament.

Messi  has the 2nd game in a row without scoring for  Inter Miami . But he promptly contributed two key assists to the goal, including  Jordi Alba  scoring at the beginning of the second half to increase the score to 2-0 and Campana scoring in the 83rd minute to increase the gap to 3-0.

Messi continues to be undefeated with Inter Miami

Before that, young player Facundo Farias soon opened the score 1-0 for Inter Miami in the 14th minute, creating favorable conditions for Messi and his teammates in their away trip against strong rival Los Angeles FC at BMO Stadium. Home team Los Angeles FC only equalized in 90 + 1 injury time because Hollingshead shortened the score to 1-3.

Messi’s charisma pulled the audience to fill BMO Stadium with a capacity of 22,000 seats, with the most expensive ticket price in the history of an MLS match. The lowest ticket price is 1,000 USD (about more than 24 million VND), and the highest is up to 12,780 USD/ticket (about more than 300 million VND).

A series of famous stars in Hollywood also came to watch Messi and Inter Miami play, such as famous actors, singers, and basketball players, including Leonardo DiCaprio, LeBron James, Nas, Tom Holland, Magic Johnson, James Harden, Selena Gomez…



Coming to the US, what did Lionel Messi do for Inter Miami?

On social network “This is probably the first football match in America that has attracted so many famous people to watch. Previously, these images were only seen in basketball or American football,” said one social network user X writes.

Singer Selena Gomez (pictured above) widens her eyes in surprise at Messi’s handling


A long list of famous and famous figures in the US come to watch Messi play

In particular, during the match, beautiful singer Selena Gomez opened her eyes in amazement many times in the stands at the beautiful ball handling of the famous Argentine player. The surprising images of Selena Gomez immediately caused a fever on social networks, showing that Messi’s charisma has now conquered all genders and even viewers who have long known little about football in the US.


Inter Miami’s win with Messi on September 4 increased their number of unbeaten matches to 11, with 10 wins (including 3 wins after penalty shootouts) and 1 draw. Inter Miami currently has 25 points after 25 matches, ranked 14th in the Eastern region of the MLS tournament, continuing to maintain hope of competing in the play-off round with a gap still losing to the 9th ranked team (with a spot), DC United 8 points, but played 2 fewer matches.


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