Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez has just shown off the extremely unique bed that the Portuguese star just bought super special


The monumental bed is shown by Georgina on her personal page called HOGO, advertised as having the ability to “anti-aging”. A bed to sleep in but has the ability to help people get younger, sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Chiếc giường siêu đặc biệt của Cristiano Ronaldo. Ảnh: Instagram.

The super special bed of Cristiano Ronaldo. Photo: Instagram.

In addition to the anti-aging effect, HOGO also claims that their special bed can help users reduce stress, bring a state of optimism and joy to the user.

Another highlight of the bed is the frame made from a special wood from the Amazon forest. Pillows and blankets are made of wool from the famous sheep breed in New Zealand.

That’s probably why this company sells a “cloud” bed above for up to 35,000 euros (nearly 1 billion). However, “expensive”, in the past, sleep was always the most important thing for Ronaldo. Sleep helps players maintain physical fitness and mental clarity.

Xưa nay với Ronaldo giấc ngủ luôn là thứ quan trọng nhất. Ảnh: Instagram.

For Ronaldo, sleep is always the most important thing. Photo: Instagram.

In addition to Ronaldo, many other famous football players also bought this special bed such as Marcos Llorente (Atletico Madrid) or Varane (Real).

As for Ronaldo’s great rival Lionel Messi, the Argentine superstar also spent nearly 20,000 euros to buy a special bed of Tech Moon that is advertised as capable of killing Covid-19.


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