Detecting alien flying saucers millions of years old?

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Unearth fragments believed to belong to a UFO? (Source: ibtimes)Scientists are still in the process of deciphering the mysteries of the universe, while UFO hunters are always coming up with evidence for the existence of aliens .

A noticeable blur in a NASA photo or an unexplained light in the night sky can be very convincing evidence.​—According toa
recent report, some hunters Russian UFO searchers have unearthed fragments believed to have belonged to a UFO millions of years ago.

Tìm thấy UFO vẫn còn chứa thi thể của người ngoài hành tinh ở Nga? | Báo Dân trí


The post on the Inquisitr page said that Vadim Chernobrov, head of Kosmopoisk (a Russian UFO research and rare animal hunting group) and his team unearthed a disc-shaped rock at the Medveditskaya fringe of Zhirnovsky district , Volgograd.
​—The shape
of the 4m saucer is very similar to the commonly thought of a flying saucer

 , which has stimulated the imaginations of many conspiracy theorists. Information about the discovery was first posted on the Russian news website Bloknot-Volgograd.

Pháp công bố bí mật về vật thể bay không xác định - Tuổi Trẻ Online

Chernobrov told the site that they discovered the rock last week, and that it is very different from the dozens of ancient rocks they have collected in and around the area. .


“We’ve found dozens of similar discs, but this is a special one,” Chernobrov said. “The other rocks found were all less than 1m in diameter. We had found similar strange rocks before, but the biggest rock we found was in Kuzbass, with a diameter of about approx. 2 m.”

Chùm ảnh bằng chứng dấu vết người ngoài hành tinh 6.000 năm trước - Báo điện tử VnMedia - Tin nóng Việt Nam và thế giới

Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily thinks this is proof that aliens exist, and thinks the disc is made of tungsten. Wolfram is a material used in special military equipment.

“They look like the disks I’ve seen in the NASA Mars images, so I think this is a military UFO, but probably damaged during the Mars strike and fell out of orbit, crashed into Earth,” Waring wrote on his website.

In February, a disc-shaped stone object was discovered by a coal mining company in the Kuznetsk Basin, Siberia.


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